Bedding for Gerbils

Gerbils are animals that are sensitive without their environment and their requirement. The bedding is one of their requirements. You should provide them the comfortable and required amount of their

Sleeping Gerbil
When do Gerbils sleep?

Sleeping is very important for all the animals on the plants. So all the creatures sleep according to their habitat. Some animals sleep in the daytime and some animals sleep

Gerbil Befriend
How to befriend a Gerbil?

Sometimes the gerbils get scared, upset, and sometimes they will have mood swings. To overcome all these you need to befriend your pet by meeting their needs and being nice

Beautiful Guinea Pig
Common Diseases in Guinea Pigs

Sometimes, even with proper care, guinea pigs can still acquire infections or develop diseases; this is their natural tendency. The most common infections and body problems guinea pigs experience are:

Guinea Pigs Playing
Average Cost to maintain Guinea Pigs

Expenses Cost Guinea Pig $10 – $50 Food bowls $10 Guinea pig enclosure $50-500 Water bottle $10 Hayrack $20 Guinea pig hideaway $25 Straw or other bedding $10 Grass  hay

Gerbil Running Fighting
Gerbils fighting or playing

Every creature on the planet fight for its own reasons and for its own needs. They also play with their related creatures. Sometimes, we get confused about whether they are

Guinea Pig
Taming Guinea Pigs

Knowing how to tame your pet will give you knowledge on gaining their trust and becoming friends. Guinea pigs are shy, skittish, and are easily threatened at first. When trust

Guinea Pigs Wandering
Summer and Winter Care for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs won’t survive much in colder regions. They are native to South America and will survive only when the temperature is above 60°F. They will survive only in the

Ferrets as pet

Ferrets are the only domesticated species in the Mustelidae family. It is said that the sailors domesticated ferrets 2500 years ago. Ferrets were grown in homes to hunt rabbits, rodents,

Bathing Gecko Featured Image
Bathing Geckos

Bathing a gecko heavily depends on the type of species you have – some geckos are from dry environments and they do not require regular bathe. Bathing is customized according