Care guide for pregnant Iguana

Every creature will reproduce according to its habitats. They need their own specialized care program when they get pregnant. Iguanas can get pregnant at the age of 2 years. They

Recognizing Names and Identifying Their Owners(Iguanas)

Iguanas are able to recognize their owners and family. They have a great memory, are affectionate. You can train them to eat, sleep and go to the washroom at desired

The Average Cost to Maintain an Iguana

The cheapest upfront cost of buying an iguana will be around $360, and the highest upfront cost is around $1750. The monthly cost of maintaining an iguana will be around

Iguana Diseases and Supplements

The Iguanas are reptiles that carry some bacteria that cause diseases for them. This is furthered by the lack of cleanliness of the Iguana’s cage, poor healthy diet, less amount

Tame Iguana

The iguanas are reptiles that are having the mood swings. That may be happy, sad, depressed, fearful, aggressive or etc. You should tame them when their mood is out. Iguanas

Noises of Iguana

Iguanas do not make much sound. Even when they do, it is occasional and does not cause irritations or disturbances to other animals. Table of Contents Show / Hide 1.

Iguana cage

The iguanas need a perfect enclosure, so you must consider their size, plants, UVB light, stones, and sand. Cleanliness of their enclosure, take note, affects their health. Table of Contents

Dying Iguana

The better you care for your pet iguana, the less likely they are to experience health issues. If cared for properly, they will lead a happy and long life. As

Foods that harm Iguanas

You should take great care in administering an iguana’s diet, failure to do so may result in them dying on you. Even if you provide your iguana green vegetables, you

Knowing an Iguana’s Mood

Iguanas are sensitive creatures with their mood swings depending on their surroundings, which is to say that their activities also depend on their mood. But you should know how to