Life Span of Guinea Pigs

A Guinea Pig’s lifespan depends on its species, genetics, and the care it receives. But when the captive Guinea Pigs are compared to the wild Guinea Pigs, pet Guinea Pigs

Breeding Gerbils

Yes, you can make money breeding Gerbils. But, the method of breeding plays a vital role in selling the Gerbils. You need to provide them solid husbandry, nutrition, and care

Guinea Pig Buyer’s Guide

Guinea Pigs are social animals and Owning a single guinea pig is illegal. So if you wish to pet a Guinea pig then you should have to own at least

Summer and Winter guide for Ferrets

Ferrets are native to central North America. They do pretty well during the winter season as their fur gets harder and provides enough warmth during winter. They won’t be able

Noises of Ferrets

Ferrets love to socialize, and the noises they make reflect their emotions. Some of the noises that Ferrets make are Whistling or Wheeking or squealing Purring Hissing Chirping Chutting Rumbling

Bonding with Newly bought Ferret

Sometimes the ferrets get scared, upset, and sometimes they will have mood swings. It is better to buy a baby ferret than an adult one because of the life span

Cage for Ferrets

Ferrets require a safe place to stay when they cannot be supervised by their owners. Cages vary in cost, if you can’t afford a new one, many shelters offer gently

Taming Ferrets

Knowing how to tame your pet will give you knowledge on gaining their trust and becoming friends. Ferrets are naturally a little nippy as they explore the world and often

Diet for Ferret

A ferret can be the best pet but not for everyone. You cannot offer ferrets anything like your dog or cat. A ferret requires customized high-quality food every day. On

Do Ferret get along with other animals

No, ferrets don’t get along with other animals. There are a few exceptions, and even these need to be managed carefully. There are a number of factors that cause problems.