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Angora Ferret

Angora ferrets are the admired species of the ferret variety. They are lovable for their unique incorporated characteristics of dog and cat. As Angora ferrets acquire the character of dog and cat, they have the quality of bonding immense with their owners.

These are the most recent breeds of ferrets, which have been created in the past 25 years. They are commonly known as long-haired ferrets.


Angora ferrets are actually an accidental breed but with a cute fluffy look. They usually grow between 2 – 8 inches with a weight of 3 pounds. You can see angora ferrets in different colors albino, black, black sable, champagne, chocolate, cinnamon, and dark-eyed white color.

With ample care, these species can live up to 6 – 10 years. They have a unique as well as the strange extra fold on their nose. Early neutering of this species will avert the development of hormones, which can bring health issues in long run.

The uniqueness of the Angora ferret

  • The have 2 – 4 inches of fur.
  • You can observe a tiny extra fold on their nose
  • The presence of clump of fur both inside and outside their nose
  • There is no undercoat.

Angora ferret as pet

These are very naughty and curious animals that can easily create a beautiful bond with their owners. Angora ferrets do not require high maintenance. If you wish to let your ferret roam your home, then ferret proof your home to save you and your pet ferret.

In the process of ferret proving, you must close all the holes and hallows that are larger than 0.5 inches. Your ferrets are highly skilled gymnasts, so lock and seal every possible thing in the home. If your pet is not sleeping, then we are damn sure that will be exploring some secret place in your home.

Handling these naughty creatures and your children can be a great task. As you are responsive to save both. These over-excited species will scratch or bite your children, so inform them to avoid teasing and pulling your ferret. It is super easy to train a ferret-like your dog and cat, especially to use the litter box.

Unlike other pets, ferrets require particular exercising time. The demand 2 hours for playing and an hour for exercise. Don’t be panic about playtime, there are oodles of ferret toys available in the pet store to save your time. If you have two ferrets then you might not even think about the playtime.

You will not smell anything bad from your ferret but they can exert a strong musk odor. Though they are social animals, they must be trained to be with other species. Angora ferrets are prone to attack your dog or cat. Remember they can never be with smaller species, as the species can be a good prey to your ferret.

Cost of the angora ferret

On average, an angora ferret costs about $65 – $250 dollars depending on the color, sex, and breeder you buy from. A quality breeder usually charges high. You must vaccinate your ferret every year, so you may spend $150 dollars per year on vaccination.

Food for angora ferret

Like other ferret species, they are also carnivorous animals. Angora ferrets require a protein-rich diet. These ferrets are great lovers of chicken, turkey, and Lambo. Avoid feeding dog foods to your angora ferret as they are incapable of strong digestion. Never feed vegetables and grains.

Avoid providing edged food, as they can hit and hurt your ferret’s mouth, and also, these angora ferrets are very poor chewers. The ferrets are popular for their energetic activities, as their very active the metabolism takes place quicker. So, you must provide 8 small meals per day to manage s ferret.

For special treats, you can offer cat foods to your ferrets. Don’t even dream of feeding chocolate and milk to your ferret. As chocolate is fatal and the milk will lead to diarrhea.

How to choose an Angora Ferret

  • Age : If you are not interested in spending more money, then go for an adult ferret. If you can afford for a young ferret, then you can buy a ferret of 8 weeks old.
  • Breeder: You might have heard the cheap rate and convenience of angora ferrets with random breeders, but when it comes to long run you are going to spend oodles in their health. So have an eagle eye on the breeder.
  • Sex: In angora ferrets, male and female ferret is harder to differentiate in the young age, so you may get cheated. Male ferrets are aggressive than the female ferrets. And also, the males have a stinky odour unlike female ferrets.

Common Angora Ferret diseases

  • Hair loss/ Alopecia : 3 – 7 years ferret are more prone to alopecia. This can be due to various causes some of them are allergic reaction, parasites, bacterial infection, etc.
  • Diarrhoea : This is because Your ferret has eaten something it should not eat. Viral infection, bacterial infection, parasites and food poisoning are the causes of diarrhoea.
  • Flea infestation: you can notice, black residue on the skin of the ferret, scratching, red patches and visual fleas in your ferrets.
  • Cancer
  • Vomiting

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