Noises of Iguana

Iguanas do not make much sound. Even when they do, it is occasional and does not cause irritations or disturbances to other animals. Table of Contents Show / Hide 1.

Iguana cage

The iguanas need a perfect enclosure, so you must consider their size, plants, UVB light, stones, and sand. Cleanliness of their enclosure, take note, affects their health. Table of Contents

Dying Iguana

The better you care for your pet iguana, the less likely they are to experience health issues. If cared for properly, they will lead a happy and long life. As

Foods that harm Iguanas

You should take great care in administering an iguana’s diet, failure to do so may result in them dying on you. Even if you provide your iguana green vegetables, you

Knowing an Iguana’s Mood

Iguanas are sensitive creatures with their mood swings depending on their surroundings, which is to say that their activities also depend on their mood. But you should know how to

Keeping Iguanas with Other Animals

Iguanas are species that can only live with certain other animals.  They are sensitive creatures, but many owners feel they will be unhappy if they’re kept alone.  Unlike other species,

What Fluids Can You Give to Iguanas?

Iguanas are creatures that need to be hydrated all the time.  If they don’t stay hydrated, they will have health issues.  So provide them water regularly.  Of course, iguanas will

Caring For Iguanas During Summer and Winter

Iguanas do not handle temperatures that are too hot or too cold.  They are very sensitive to variations in temperature.  Iguanas can only stay healthy if they have a constant

Bathing Your Pet Iguana

Bathing your pet iguana is very important.  In the wild, iguanas spend time in lakes and other water bodies to keep themselves clean.  For pet iguanas, you will have to

An Iguana’s Diet

Keeping a strict diet for iguanas plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Their primary food should be leafy greens.  Leafy green vegetables should make up at least