Reasons why choosing a glass cage is a wrong decision for a chameleon

Glass is good at holding humidity and heat. You can create an environment inside a glass cage that is different than your ambient conditions. If you need your pet to be warm and

Does chameleon poop stink?

Typically, the poops of all the living organisms poop stink. Some stink too much, but some skink less. But, chameleon poop stinks not too less, not too bad. Table of

How to feed water to a chameleon?

Table of Contents Show / Hide 1. The standard way to feed water to a chameleons2. What happens if my chameleons do not get enough water?3. How often do chameleons

How often should we clean chameleon pet’s cage?

Cleaning the pet chameleon’s cage is really important and also easy to keep the cage looking spotless. Cleaning helps to prevent any hygiene-related problems from occurring. There is no problem

Can chameleons kill each other?

If you want to improve the life of your chameleon, then you should know that chameleons do not get lonely the way that humans or other animals do. You should

Best Terrarium size for a Chameleon

Chameleons are sensitive reptiles. We need to keep the surroundings as comfortable for them. Chameleon cages should be taller than wider. Because the chameleons like to climb. They won’t spend

Why do chameleons have spikes?

Not particularly social animals, males usually have horns and spikes, while females don’t have spikes. Spikes are not only a formation on the body, but  are also used when a

Caring for Chameleons in Summer

Chameleons are creatures that always need moist surroundings. Because of this, they are sensitive to changes during the summer. Table of Contents Show / Hide 1. What if my Chameleon

What Fluids Do I Give To a Chameleon?

We should know about a chameleon’s intake of fluids to build a sound drinking system for chameleons. A chameleon stays healthy when the PH value in their drinking water is