Baby Gerbils development

Baby Gerbil

Baby gerbils are sensitive creatures that should not be held at a young age. They will be born in a pinkish color without fur on their skin. You need to care for them according to their habitat.

Baby Gerbils and their Mother

The baby gerbils need to be cared from their mother gerbils for at least up to 6 months. Some gerbils will stay with their mother gerbils for up to 8 months. Because the baby gerbils need to be socialized and develop bonding habits with other gerbils. This helps their owners to care for their gerbils.

The mother gerbils will feed their babies. When the mother gerbil gives birth to more than 7 to 8 baby gerbils, the mother gerbils will try to eat 1 to 2 of its own baby gerbils so that the mother can feed and care well its rest of the other baby gerbils easily.

Development of Baby Gerbils

The gerbils are creatures that grow rapidly in a short period of time. You can see their growth increasing week to week. You can see their growth from tiny baby gerbils getting into small independent gerbils with energy and curiosity.

First week

  • The baby gerbil will squeak
  • Do not hold the gerbil for fisrt few days.
  • Over this week they will begin to grow their coat.
  • The baby gerbils will usually gather together in the mother’s nest to get warmer.
  • It is common for the mother to move the its baby gerbil around during the first few days if she feels nervous or anxious. But she will usually calm down.
  • Do not move things around in the cage during this time. This will only distract the mother from caring for its pups
  • The mother gerbil will send out the father gerbil for temperory in order to care the baby gerbils. The father gerbil will be allowed back into the cage after 1 to 2 days.

Second week

  • The fur in the baby gerbils will be grown completly.
  • They will become a lot more mobile, despite the fact that they could not open their eyes.
  • You can hold the baby gerbils for the first. This is the best time to ensures that they become used to human hands and being picked up from a young age.
Gerbils Baby

Third week

This is the week that gives more importance to the gerbil’s development. The baby gerbils will start to open their eyes for the first time. They may open one at a time, a day or so apart. The baby gerbils start their first steps towards independence.

Fourth week

  • The baby gerbils can open their eyes normally so that they can see everything around them.
  • The baby gerbil’s ears will open.
  • They try to be independent by eating more adult foods and reducing drinking their mother’s milk.
  • They will also start to play with other baby gerbils.
  • They should start getting used to being in your hands so continue to handle the baby gerbil pet carefully.

Fifth week

  • During this time, the baby gerbils will be considered adults. They should be completely independent by stopping drinking milk from their mother gerbils.
  • They should start eating solely solid food.
  • They will be developed an individual personality and a good amount of independence at this time.

Sixth week

  • From here they are considered adult gerbils.
  • They will be strong enough to lead their life and they will be having more curiosity.
  • They will also be having a friendly nature.
Sixth Week Gerbil

Caring your Baby Gerbils

Caring for your Baby gerbil pet is not a big deal. You have to interact gently with them with your smooth voice. You need to keep on monitor your baby gerbil whether it is sick or not. If it is sick, you need to take them to your vet. And also you need to do the following,

Maintaining their Environment 

  • Don’t make any changes to the cage for the first week.
  • Place a blanket on the cage directly over the nest for protection.
  • Avoid handling the pups until they are a week old. 

Monitoring their Health

  • Take the babies to the vet if you notice any health issues.
  • Watch for signs of malnourishment. 
  • Remove the other pups and allow the malnourished pup to feed uninterrupted.

Weaning the baby Gerbils   

  • Introduce solid food at about three weeks.
  • Place a water bottle low to the ground so the pups can reach.
  • Remove the pups from the mother at around six weeks.
  • Find them a home.

Diet for Baby Gerbils

The baby gerbils will be having their own food habitat. They will eat the following,

  • Pureed apples
  • Bananas
  • Pears.

You can also provide them the grind seeds by taking one peanut, 2 to 3 each of sunflower and pumpkin seeds into the mortar and pestle. You can provide this mixture which makes baby gerbils healthy and happy.

Gerbils Food 1

Food based on their age

  • From birth to about 2 weeks of age: Baby gerbils only eat mother’s milk.
  • From 2 weeks to 4 weeks of age: Baby gerbils start to mouth and then eat normal gerbil food at a very young age. But still, they will be drinking mother’s milk.
  • From 4 weeks of age upwards: Baby gerbils are fully weaned by 5 weeks and then they will be having normal gerbil food permanently.

Just make sure that you are not feeding your gerbils with more food. If you do so, your gerbils may suffer from obesity, diarrhea, and finally, may end up in death.

Can you feed your Baby Gerbils with plants?

Of course yes! You can feed them with fresh plant leaves like strawberries and plantain and etc. You can also feed them with tree leaves and twigs like hazel and hawthorn and etc. But you have to check out the following,

  • Make sure that the plants or trees is in the safe list.
  • Make sure the plants and trees are not growing near roads, parks or other pollution sources.
  • Make sure that the plants were not on a commercial farm that could have been sprayed with chemicals.

Final thoughts

Baby gerbils are sensitive creatures. But not difficult to maintain. All you need it to know how to protect them. If you provide them with their needs, they will be healthy and happy.