Bathing Your Pet Iguana

Iguana Bathing

Bathing your pet iguana is very important.  In the wild, iguanas spend time in lakes and other water bodies to keep themselves clean.  For pet iguanas, you will have to bathe them to keep them clean and hygienic.  This is important to keep your iguana free from skin infections.

Bathing iguanas keeps them fresh, clean, and happy.  It also keeps them hydrated and provides humidity.  While bathing, iguanas will sometimes drink their bathwater.

Soap for an Iguana’s bath

There is no special soap for bathing your iguana.  You can use baby soap in their bath or plain freshwater.  If your iguana is especially dirty, you can use a smooth toothbrush to wipe the dirt off your iguana’s body.

Iguanas Bathing

How often should you bathe your pet Iguana?

Iguanas should be given daily baths.  Make sure you use water that is lukewarm, as cold water will make your iguana cold, and it will be difficult for him to move parts of his body.  Always use warm water for bathing your pet iguana. Make sure that you use a separate bathtub for your pet iguana.

Can Iguanas swim?

Yes!  Iguanas are great swimmers.  They like to swim and hold their breath underwater for about 30 to 60 minutes.  The amount of time varies according to the iguana species.

Can Iguanas drown while bathing?

Yes!  Iguanas don’t drown easily during bathing because they can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes underwater.  They also float easily.  It is, however, still possible for them to drown, especially if they panic.  Don’t fill the tub too full until your iguana is confident in the bath.

What kind of container should you use for an Iguana’s bath?

Iguanas can be bathed in a tub or pool.  They are usually scared of bathtubs at the beginning because they don’t have anything for the iguana to grip onto.  Because of this, they will often try to escape the tub.  Build their confidence slowly in the bathtub.  Iguanas like to swim, so once they learn it’s full of water, they will learn to enjoy it.

Pet Iguana Bathing

Is it hard to remove dirt from an Iguanas body?

When an iguana isn’t bathed properly, it will become soiled between its scales.  They need to be cleaned as follows:

You need to soak your pet iguana in clean water, then take a soft toothbrush to their scales to scrub off the dirt.

If the dirt is still stuck and doesn’t come off, you can use some drops of baby soap with gentle brushing to remove the dirt.  Soak your pet for 15 to 20 minutes, and gently rub their body.  Repeat this process several times until the dirt comes off.

Steps to run a bath for your pet iguana

  • Select a container for bathing your pet.  You can use a plastic dish or bathing tub.  If you have a large iguana, you will need to provide them a bathtub suitable for their size, but make sure the container you choose is used exclusively for them.
  • Use an anti-slip mat for your iguana’s bathtub because normal bathing containers don’t provide any grip for your iguana.  Without a gripping surface, they get scared and won’t want to stay in the container.
  • Make sure the water level is below the iguana’s hip when standing.  This will reduce your iguana’s stress level in the bath.
  • You can add some medications available from your vet to get rid of skin infections.
  • You can also add reptile shedding aid to maintain the quality of your iguana’s skin.  This is very useful when they are shedding.
  • Soak your iguana in warm water for 20-30 minutes.  If they are new to the bath, start with 5 minutes of soaking and gradually increase the amount of time with each bath.  Soaking will allow their body to get wet and make dirt removal easy.  Iguanas like to be active in warm water.
  • Water temperatures should be 84-85 degrees Fahrenheit or 28-29 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not leave your iguana alone while they are soaking.
  • After soaking, take a smooth brush and rub the dirt from their body.
  • Wash your iguana again to remove loose dirt and rub them with a towel to dry.  The towel should be used exclusively for your iguana.
  • Once they have been rubbed down with the towel, they can come out of the bath. 
  • Wash the towel and bathing container after every use to keep it hygienic.
Clean Iguana

What happens if you don’t bathe your pet’s Iguana?

Your iguana should be kept as clean and hygienic as possible by giving them a daily bath.  If you don’t regularly bathe your pet iguana, they will have poor skin quality.  This will cause them irritation and stress.

Final thoughts

Iguanas are very sensitive to dirt.  They are easily attacked by skin infections if they are not regularly bathed.  Be careful when giving them a bath, know how to do it properly, and bathe them regularly to give them a long, healthy life.