Best Terrarium size for a Chameleon

Chameleons are sensitive reptiles. We need to keep the surroundings as comfortable for them. Chameleon cages should be taller than wider. Because the chameleons like to climb. They won’t spend any time on the ground.

The baby chameleons do not need such a big enclosure. Do not choose a smaller terrarium than 0,80 m by 0,60 m by 1 m for an adult.

Types of Terrarium

Name of the cage Image of the cage Size of the cage in inches(l*b*h) Price
Glass cage 17*35*12 $179.84
36*18*24 $256.21
60*36*60 $2188.38
96*36*72 $3868.49
Acrylic cage 28*16*16 $19.07
24*17*20 $24.52
25*19*13 $29.95
48*48*42 $58.18
Mesh cage 5*5*7 $8.84
13*13*18 $19.41
48*24*60 $1512.97
48*24*72 $3638.08
Screen cage 18*30*30 $92.15
18*18*31 $97.88
24*24*48 $117.42
38*18*48 $274.80

Size of chameleon terrarium

The chameleon enclosure should be tall for climbing, spacious enough to provide a thermal gradient. For a male chameleon, the minimum size should be 2 long x 2 wide x 4 high.

Problem with small enclosure for an adult chameleon

They feel uncomfortable as they couldn’t climb much. They may also struggle and may not grow larger.

Materials should be used to the enclosure of the Terrarium

Chameleon cages are made from glass, synthetic, a mesh screen, or some combination

  • Glass Cages continues to keep heat and humidity well, but it also keeps the air dry.
  • Synthetic is cheaper and has the same problems as glass.
  • The mesh screen is usually the most commonly used material for chameleon cages. It allows for a lot of ventilation and fresh air.
  • The biggest trouble with this is heat and humidity adjustment. But this can be controlled by keeping the whole room’s temperature and humidity to what the cage needs.
  • Some are a combination of materials with one or two glass sides combined with a screen. This tries to get the best of both worlds by allowing for ventilation while allowing some heat and humidity retention.

Can a chameleon live in a 10-gallon tank?

Chameleons can be kept comfortably in a 10-gallon tank, or a larger tank can be used.

Terrarium’s Ventilation for chameleons

Ventilation is important for chameleons. Without fresh and moving air, the chances of developing respiratory infections are high. This is a big danger for the baby chameleons.

The best chameleon cage provides good ventilation. Looking at the sides for screens will help you determine if the cage provides this.

How should be the terrarium’s door of your pet?  

Doors cannot make or break of the cage, but it is a good idea to use access door. This will make feeding and getting at the chameleon.

The temperature in chameleon’s terrarium

All chameleons, come from tropical regions, usually in Africa or the island coast of Africa, such as Madagascar. So, we have to match that temperature in the enclosure of the chameleon pet. So, we need to keep their enclosure hot.

For the overall temperature of the cage, a range of 72 degrees – 80 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees – 27 degrees Celcius) is the standard temperature. 

The common options for additional heating elements in the cage include:

  • Heat lamps
  • Heat rocks
  • Heat tape
  • Ceramic heaters
  • Heating pads

Nighttime Temperature in terrarium

Nighttime temperatures are also important to maintain the chameleon pet’s enclosure. You should turn off heaters and lights to help simulate the day-night cycle of the chameleon’s natural habitat.

Humidity in the chameleon’s terrarium

Humidity is important to a chameleon setup. Chameleons came from high humidity region.

60% to 80% relative humidity is the standard humidity for adult chameleons. It is better for baby chameleons when we supply 75% to 80% relative humidity constantly.

The best way maintain humidity level inside the Terrarium is to

  • Mist down the cage twice per day
  • Keeping water dripper.
  • Keeping humidifier inside the cage.
  • Do not place the cage near heaters, AC units, or windows.
  • Keep a hygrometer in the enclosure at all times to maintain the humidity.

Lighting inside the chameleon’s terrarium

A specially made UVB light should be on in the cage for 12 hours per day. At night, this can be switched off like the heater.

Plants position in the terrarium

Chameleons need items to climb on. These creatures spend most of their lives on the trees or plants. The only time you’ll see chameleons on the ground is when they lay down their eggs.

The ones you choose should be a mix of real and fake plants.

Real plant options include:

  • Ficus
  • Schefflera
  • Hibiscus
  • Pothos
  • Vines
  • Silk tree

All these are non-toxic and will help to raise the humidity and keep the air fresh in the cage. And the fake plants should be as well.