Bonding with Newly bought Ferret

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Sometimes the ferrets get scared, upset, and sometimes they will have mood swings. It is better to buy a baby ferret than an adult one because of the life span though they are hard to tame. If you do not help them to overcome all those mood swings, they will go unhealthy and have an early death. You have to meet your pet’s necessities and act according to bond with your pet.

Taming your New Ferret

The taming of ferrets needs some time. Before you start taming your pet, you need to bring a partner just to adjust to the new home and environment. Because If you leave your ferret alone, they may be stressed and nervous to adjust to the new environment.

  • Do not allow your ferret pet to run around from the outside of the cage till they are tamed by you. When you run behind them to catch them, they may scared of you. So try not to allow them out of the cage till they create a bond with you.
  • Sit next to your ferret pet’s cage just that your pet to get adjusted for your presence.
  • Try to interact smoothly and gently with the soft voice. But do not try to interact your ferret pet when they are asleep. If you awake them to interact, they do not trust you.
  • Try to provide them some treat , If you provide them their favourite food, they will create a bond with you easily. If your ferrets takes their treat happily from your hand, you can provide them their treat on your open hand. If your ferret does not hesitate to touch your hand, you can allow your ferret pet to climb your hand.
  • If your ferret feel comfortable with climbing your hand, try to scratch gently on their sides and back of their head.
  • Try to handle your ferrets often to keep them socialized.
  • Never become too physically intimate right after buying a Ferret. Give them space to get to know you and your house. Visit their enclosure often and chat with them in a quiet tone. Place food and water inside their enclosure.
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Time to tame your New Ferret pet

  • Newly bought Ferrets are quite hard to tame in which baby ferrets are quite hard to tame compared to adults. Adult Ferrets are mature and don’t rush things. They will be happy to eat beside you and to cuddle with you.
  • On the other hand, Newly bought Ferrets are very active and love to run about throughout the day. This makes them quite difficult to tame. However, you control their food so that the Newly bought Ferret responds to your attempts.
  • A young ferret will not understand what hurts you and what doesn’t hurt you until you communicate the boundaries. Some ferrets do respond to fear, pain, or to certain noises or actions by biting. In this case, don’t try to pet them at first. Let them run around and when they sit somewhere, go and sit beside them with some food for them. When they are hungry, they will come near you and/or jump to your lap to ask for food.
  • Remember, they are not aggressive. They are just naughty. Naughty Ferrets will be more friendly and love to play with you eventually when they learn to trust you.

Why is your New ferret pet not bonding with you?

The ferret will not get bonded when they bought into their new environment. They need some time to get adjusted to you and the new environment. Not only you, but they also have to get adjusted even for your smell.

  • Do not make them irritated by holding them too much even after they got adjusted for you.
  • You need to give them their space to spend some time with themselves and with their partners.
  • Do not provide them with what they hate.
  • They will never come to you and you can not create any bond with them.
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Why is your New Ferret scared of you?

The size of the ferret is 4 – 8 inches and it is too small when compared to humans. They feel like humans are giant animals. Because of our size, usually, they are scared of humans. The ferrets are scared of humans for the following,

  • Sudden Movements: The ferrets are scared because of your sudden movement too. Because, their predators will attack them suddenly. If you put your hands suddenly into their cage, they will get scared of you by thinking you are their predators.
  • Rough behaviour with your ferret pet: The ferrets are the small creature that need to handle with care. If you behave very rough with them, they will be scared of you. If you squeeze them roughly, or interact with them in the rough voice, or throwing them up and catching them before they fall, all these rough activities makes them to be scared.
  • Too much noice: The ferret pets interact with the ultrasonic frequency. They can hear frequencies between 60 Hz and 100 kHz. But the human voices register between 85 and 255 Hz. So, the ferrets feel too much loud noice than their capability. So, they feel feared with the loud noice. The following noice makes your ferret to get scared, TV noise, Sound from the radio, talking loudly, the sound produced from the household appliances.

Signs of the scared Ferrets

When the ferrets are scared, they will do some activities which can identify that they are scared. They are as follows,

  • It stands on its hind legs with its front paws pressed together
  • Hiding away in corners of the cage
  • Reduced appetite
  • Refusal to accept treats
  • Biting
  • Foot drumming
  • Aggression
  • Frequent vocalizations
  • Red tears
  • Hyperactivity
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Calm your Ferret pets

You need to calm down your ferrets just by being friendly with them. You need to do the following,

  • Soft interaction: Whenever your ferrets get scared, you need to interact with them very softly in a gentle voice. This makes your ferret pets to get feel that you are their best friend.
  • Toys And Accessories: Provide your ferrets with their favorite toys. Those toys will make them be in peace mentally. Their favorite toys include running wheels, tunnels, ferret balls, chew toys. You also need to provide their necessary accessories to keep them calm and happy.
  • Space Burrowing: ferrets will dig more and more even when they live in captivity. Therefore you need to provide your ferrets with bedding around 6 inches deep. This allows your ferrets to concentrate on creating tunnels and burrow. This tunnels and burrows make your ferrets to get warm and dark to sleep. The ferrets will sleep well in the light. So they need some hiding spots to go during the day when everyone are up.

Final thoughts

The ferrets need to calm down whenever they are scared, irritated, and etc. But you have to calm them by providing their favorite kinds of stuff and they need your gentle care. You need to be kind to them whenever they are aggressive, hesitant and etc.