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Breeding Guinea Pigs

Yes, you can make money breeding Guinea Pigs. But, the method of breeding plays a vital role in selling the Guinea Pigs. You need to provide them solid husbandry, nutrition, and care well for Guinea Pigs.

How do you sell Guinea Pigs?

Selling Guinea Pigs is a business; you need passion to breed Guinea Pigs. Printing pamphlets about your Guinea Pig store and distributing them is the old way of business. It may take some time for buyers to know about your store with this method.

  • You can plan to sell through advertisements on social media. This can reach several people in your friend’s network.
  • Uploading in google about your Guinea Pig pet store will make it much easier for buyers to find your Guinea Pig store.
  • Partner with a local/ nearby vet.

Do you need a license to sell Guinea Pigs?

Yes, of course! You must and should need a license to sell the Guinea Pigs. If you sell Guinea Pigs without a license, it is an offense.

Open a pet caretaker

This will probably make you money. A pet Caretaker can be made for Guinea Pigs, and you can charge for the day. The caretaker will feed your pet, clean them. They will play with your pet and observe the behavioral changes in them.

How to make money from selling Guinea Pigs

No one will buy unhealthy Guinea Pigs. If you want to make money by selling Guinea Pigs, you need to breed them with healthy stuff like well husbandry, healthy diet food with nutrients.

You should know completely about the different pet Guinea Pigs and good knowledge of the Guinea Pig’s behavior for their healthy life. If the Guinea Pigs are healthy, more buyers will demand to buy the pets from you.

Cute Guinea Pigs

The average cost of Guinea Pigs

All the types of Guinea pigs costs between $10 – $40 and some of the types of Guinea Pigs are,

Types of Guinea Pigs Origin  Size Life span
AMERICAN GUINEA PIG/ AMERICAN CRESTED South America, particularly in the Peruvian Andes. 8 to 9 inches 4 to 7 years
HIMALAYAN GUINEA PIG South-East Asia 8 to 12 inches  5 to 7 years
RIDGEBACK GUINEA PIG America 5 to 12 inches 4-7 years
TEDDY GUINEA PIG Not specific because the breed was found via genetic mutation 8 to 12 inches 4 to 5 years
REX GUINEA PIG South America 8 to 17 inches 5 to 6 years
ABYSSINIAN GUINEA PIG South America 8 to 12 inches 5 to 8 years
SHEBA GUINEA PIG  Australia 7 to 12 inches  4-7 years
SILKIE GUINEA PIG UK (the result of crossbreeding) 7 to 10 inches  5 to 7 years
TEXEL GUINEA PIG England  7 to 12 inches  4 to 7 years
CORNET GUINEA PIG England 7 to 12 inches  6 to 8 years
PERUVIAN GUINEA PIG Paris 8 to 12 inches 4-7 years
ALPACA GUINEA PIG Originated from English Peruvian Guinea Pigs 6 to 11 inches 5-8 years
MERINO GUINEA PIG Originated from the English Peruvian Guinea pig 4 to 11 inches 5 years+
LUNKARYA GUINEA PIG Sweden  4 to 12 inches 5-8 years
SKINNY  GUINEA PIG Canada 8 to 11 inches 4 years +
BALDWIN GUINEA PIG California 8 to 11 inches 4-6 years

Which Guinea Pig brings you more profit?

You can make money from male Guinea Pigs of any breed because you need to care more for the female Guinea Pigs during pregnancy.

The Guinea Pig can breed until the age of 2 years old. After 2 years, the Guinea Pig’s fertility and their health will get decline and they are not much stable to breed. Even if they breed after their 2-year old, they will give birth to an unhealthy baby Guinea Pig which will be smaller and cannot have normal growth.

If you do not care for your female Guinea Pig properly in pregnancy, they may have many issues and even lead to death. Male Guinea Pigs are strong when compared to female Guinea Pigs. So, male Guinea Pigs are more profitable than female Guinea Pigs.

How is Guinea Pig worth evaluated?

The Guinea Pig’s cost will be depended on the following:

  • The age of the Guinea Pig
  • The place where you bought the Guinea Pig
  • The gender of the Guinea Pig
  • Price range to sell Guinea Pigs

You can raise the cost of Guinea Pigs depending on the age, species, and place where you sell the Guinea Pigs and that ranges between $10 – $100. Apart from selling Guinea Pigs, it is better if you have accessories required for Guinea Pigs. So that the buyers get all the things they want from a single shop.

How much do baby Guinea Pigs sell for?

You can sell baby Guinea Pigs from $20 to $30.

How do you determine the price of the Guinea Pigs?

Selling Guinea Pigs is a business. The pricing of the Guinea Pigs should include the cost for its breeding and percentage over that for profit.

  • The cost for taking care of the Guinea Pigs mating until giving birth. Cost took to take care of the newly born Guinea Pigs.
  • Caring for food, lighting, watering, kind of the cage you used, bedding for the Guinea Pig’s cage you used, toys all these can be included in the price because they are the main reason for the Guinea Pig’s health.
  • A percentage of profit depends upon how you took care and how healthy the Guinea Pig is.
  • Price the babies at a level that pays for their care and allows you to upgrade your facility.
Guinea Pigs

Making money with Guinea Pig’s accessories

Yes, you can also make money apart from Guinea Pigs, but related to them. As usual,  Guinea Pig buyers also search for its belongings like a cage, food, bedding, etc. So, you can also sell their belongings.

Guinea Pig accessories

Accessories Cost
The guinea pig $5 to $50
Food $50 to $100
Cage $50 to $60
Bedding $50-100 per year
Water Dispenser $5-$10
Brush $5-$15
Deodorizing spray or granules $20 per year
Sand $15
Dedicated trash can $20
Total setup cost $150-200
Total yearly cost $200-$500 per guinea Pig
Vet care $40 to $200

Common Health issues in Guinea Pigs

As a Breeder, you should have known about Guinea Pig’s diseases and you should take care of them in that way.

Guinea Pigs may fall sick, experience sneezing, difficulty breathing, lethargy, and diarrhea for various reasons. They are also sensitive to parasites like fleas and lice. You can control them by providing nutritious food. If this does not work, you need to take them to their veterinarian to get the proper medications.

  • Diarrhea
  • Dental Disease
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Ear infections
  • Vitamin C Deficiency (Scurvy)
  • Appetite Loss
  • Hardening of the Organs (Metastatic Calcification)
  • Pneumonia
  • Reproductive disorder
  • Skin disorder

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