Can a gecko Recognize the name and Owner

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Gecko recognizing the owner

No, but they do start to recognize your scent the more you’re around them. This is why owners who have owned their gecko for a very long time have gotten attacked when wearing a new cologne or fragrance, for example.

Does a gecko affectionate

In a single word, Geckos are not affectionate. It is because reptiles are not social creatures. They do not have the means for affectionate feelings. However, Geckos can favor a human if trust is established.

Reptiles feel basic emotions. Mostly, they are hard-wired to feel fear and aggression. However, reptiles can feel delighted. These pleasurable emotions mostly come from being fed. Some also feel pleasure when being gently handled or petted.

Gaining the trust

At first, your gecko views you as a threat. In your gecko’s eyes, you’re a gigantic, warm-blooded stranger. Combine that with a brand new enclosure in a strange place, and you have a recipe for a scared lizard. But, it does not always have to be that way.


It takes some work, but it is necessary to build trust with your gecko if you want an ideal relationship. With trust, your gecko can confidently enjoy its surroundings and its human companion. But remember, trust is not built in a day.

Geckos are generally pretty reserved creatures. If you want your gecko to like you, you need to handle them regularly. Therefore, you need to build their trust to prove that you are not here to eat them! The best way to do this is by handling them on a regular basis.

Even when you have that trust, your gecko will have some days when it does not want to be handled at all. Most experts recommend handling them for approximately 15 minutes per day as soon as they wake up.

However, if you don’t have 15 minutes per day, try to handle them at least three times per week. Don’t take it personally. It is all instinct to protect themselves

Building the bond

Make sure there aren’t any loud noises when you’re trying to form that initial bond with your gecko. You’re building trust, and want to make your pet feel safe and secure. Dogs barking, loud music, or televisions can be a distraction and spook your gecko.

Some people talk to their pets or make a particular sound to call their pets. This lets them get used to you and associate a particular sound or just the sound and tone of your voice. Be consistent. Use the same tone and the same word if you’re talking, or the same sounds.

You can combine feeding time with handling to get your gecko to start to associate your presence with food. Your gecko will start to associate the sound of the enclosure opening, your voice, and other sounds you make with mealtime.

Be sure to follow a proper feeding schedule; you may not want to feed your gecko every time you handle it if this leads to overfeeding. Place your hand flat in the tank and let them explore, sniff, and lick your hand.

They may climb into your palm, or they may show no interest at all. Either way is fine. Just leave your hand there and let them get used to you and understand that you’re not a threat. If you can get your gecko to climb into your hand, that’s perfect.

Can Geckos feel the love

Your Gecko cannot feel love for you the same way you feel love for it. They do not have the necessary part of the brain needed to feel love. This goes for all reptiles. However, Geckos can have feelings of trust towards their humans.

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Gecko feel about handling

These geckos seem to genuinely enjoy close interaction with their owner. Don’t expect them to cuddle like a kitten or a puppy, but they do sort of nestle up into their owner’s hands and soak up any body heat that they can get. In this way, they do enjoy being held.

This sort of cuddling is usually a sign of affection but because geckos don’t experience any feelings or emotion, they only appear to do it for the warmth that we can give them.

And even though that makes it sound like they’re using us, it’s really because they only base their actions purely on instinct and only do what’s needed in order to survive and be comfortable.