Care guide for pregnant Iguana

Pregnant Iguana

Every creature will reproduce according to its habitats. They need their own specialized care program when they get pregnant. Iguanas can get pregnant at the age of 2 years. They can mate when they are around 18 months old. After they get pregnant, you need to take special care of your pregnant iguanas.

How to tell if an Iguana is Pregnant

There are some obvious signs that can tell you if your iguana is pregnant

  • Carefully check whether the iguana is lumpy.
  • They lose appetite. Because eggs start to push against the iguana’s intestine and stomach.
  • The pregnant iguana spends more time basking in the heat.
  • They stop eating for 3 to 4 weeks but still remain active. If they are depressed and quiet, that will be a sign of unhealthy.
  • Their personality changes are seen in weight gain and more restlessness.
  • The unaffectionate iguanas will expect attention while the cuddly iguanas like to stay alone during their pregnancy period.
  • After 2 weeks, you can feel the eggs at the side of their abdomen. The eggs will feel like they are small and soft to touch on the abdomen.
  • After a few weeks more, their tail will get thinner and their eggs will get bigger than before. If they are in this condition, they are about to lay eggs within 5 to 7 days.
Iguana Pregnant

How long does it take for an Iguana to get pregnant?

Mating usually takes 65 days, the iguana gets pregnant. Pregnancy lasts 60-84 days. Incubation is about 90 to 120 days at a temperature of 85-95⁰F.

Size of the clutch of an Iguana

The iguanas lay eggs 1 to 70 eggs depending upon their species. They lay eggs in a sunny area of a temperature from 85-91⁰F.

Measurement: The iguana’s egg will be around 15.4 mm in diameter and the length is 35 to 40 millimeters.

Can Iguanas lay eggs without mating?

Yes, they do! But those are not fertilized eggs. No babies can hatch from those eggs. These eggs are laid normally but can be stuck sometimes. That is an egg-binding or dystocia and it is different from the normal pregnancy.

Pregnant Iguanas

Treating your pregnant Iguana

You need to provide the extra calcium than before. This will help to grow eggs. If you do not provide the extra calcium, the calcium for the growth of the eggs will be absorbed by the eggs from all over the body. This will make your iguana’s bone weak and they will also end up with Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD).

This is really dangerous for iguanas during pregnancy. So you need to provide the extra calcium in the form of supplements. You need to consult your vet about their calcium supplements. You need to provide them one to two times a day.

Your pregnant iguanas also need some exercise to lay the eggs easily. You can provide them plenty of places where they can climb. You can add more branches or climbing structures into their enclosure to get more exercise.

They need more heat sources during their pregnancy time. Usually, pregnant iguanas need their enclosure to be around 94-96⁰F.

Hole digging

All the female iguanas dig the holes underground to lay eggs. So you need to provide them someplace in their enclosure to dig holes. You need to find a waterproof container and add dirt to it. Place it where you can find a place to dig. This allows your pregnant iguana to create a cavern as if they were in the wild.

The soil which you fill inside the waterproof container should be the right type. So that they can feel that the right place to lay eggs. One good idea is to combine 14 quarts of sterile potting soil, one quart of sterile sand, and nine cups of warm water. Add this solution to the waterproof container and place it in a warm area inside the enclosure.

To do this, you need to introduce your pregnant iguana to the place where you placed the waterproof container. To do this, you need to bring your iguana to the place. Then your iguana will look and smell around. If it feels comfortable to lay eggs, they will lay eggs in the container.

Health Problems During the Pregnancy

One of the most common problems in pregnant iguanas is Egg Binding(dystocia). This means, the eggs get stuck inside and can not be laid so easily. This occurs due to the lack of climbing and exercising of pregnant iguanas. If the egg binding is not treated immediately, they may end up with the death of your iguana.

Signs of egg binding are: lethargic and less responsive to the environment around them.

Iguanas Pregnancy

Treating Egg Binding in Iguanas

If your pregnant iguana is suffering from egg binding, they need a C-section and hysterectomy. Some vets suggest spaying the female iguanas to avoid the possibility of carrying eggs, so that egg bind can not be possible for your iguanas.

The common disease of pregnant iguanas is Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). This is difficult to detect because the calcium level may show to be normal when your veterinarian tests the calcium inside the iguana’s body. You will only get to know when their symptoms start to show up like bones getting weak, gum issues from a loosening jaw, improper way of walk and etc.

The other health issues caused by pregnant iguanas are some infections:

  • Bladder stones
  • Obstructed blood vessels
  • Bacterial abscesses.

You need to take your pregnant iguana to your veterinarian to get the best recommendations.

Final Thoughts

Pregnant iguanas should be cared for meticulously well to be healthy. There is the possibility of getting sick or having trouble laying eggs, so you need to know how to treat them during their pregnancy period.