Do Chameleons get along with Children?

Chameleons are not pets that like human interaction and touch. They require a quiet and stress-free environment. This fact means that they may not be the best pet for children if your child likes to cuddle their pets. 

If, however, you educate your child on how to interact with the Chameleon appropriately, most will do just fine.

Buying a young or newborn chameleon for kids is not a good idea and is not recommended.  In this article, we will focus on discussing having an adult chameleon as a pet for kids.

Are Chameleons Good Pets For Kids?

Chameleons are safe pets for kids. They do not cause harm to anyone. However, they can spread diseases if not properly taken care of.  After handling chameleons, wash your hands. They are reptiles and, therefore, may have certain harmful bacteria on their body.

Chameleons are not aggressive but can bite if they are stressed from too much contact. A bite from an adult chameleon is painful.

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Children can have allergic reactions after interacting with a chameleon. If this happens, seek medical attention for the reaction and prevent further contact between the child and the chameleon.  If your child must handle the chameleon and had an allergic reaction, make sure they wear gloves to avoid the transfer of any allergens.

Whether chameleons are a good pet for children completely depends on the parent.  Many children do not prefer reptiles as pets.  If you have a child who does, make sure to educate them and set ground rules around the chameleon’s care.

Chameleons move towards a person’s head when handled, in order to feel safe and secure.  Make sure your child is comfortable with this before allowing them to handle your chameleon.

Make sure that your child doesn’t handle the chameleon without supervision.

Chameleons can be an excellent pet once your child understands their nature.  At the end of the day, it is a parent’s responsibility to care for the chameleon.

How to handle a pet chameleon?

Don’t grab your chameleon. When you catch them, their first instinct is to bite. Understand that they bite only when they are scared and stressed.  If you don’t respect your pet,  they won’t respect you. When you handle them roughly, and your movements are brief, panic and may bite you.

When a chameleon shows an open mouth when trying to hold them, leave them alone.  This is their way of telling you they do not want to be held.

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