Chameleons and Geckos Live Together?

Chameleons and geckos both belong to the lizard kingdom. Chameleons love to live alone, and they won’t get bored. Chameleons are sensitive and get stressed quickly.

Geckos make cute pets and get along well with others.  If you keep a chameleon and a gecko together in the cage, it won’t end well. There is a good possibility that the gecko will become food for the chameleon.

Why do chameleons like to live alone?

Chameleons don’t like to share their cage, even with other chameleons. You can house two or more baby chameleons in the same cage but not adult ones. You can keep one male and female together during mating season, but when mating season is over you have to separate them. If you house two male chameleons together, they will fight to the death.

Chameleons and geckos are both insectivorous, but chameleons are a superior species to the gecko.

Why is it not possible to house Chameleons and Geckos together?

Chameleons and geckos are both lizards and get stressed when humans handle them. Chameleons are lazy, and geckos are energetic. Both require different temperatures and humidity levels in the cage.

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Geckos make some chirping noises, and a chameleon won’t. Geckos are active at night time, and the chameleon is not. Both love to climb, and both require the same gut-loaded food.

Since the gecko is an active one, it disturbs the chameleon. Because the gecko becomes stressed, the chameleon loses its patience, and it eats the gecko.

What can be done?

It is impossible to house any species with chameleons unless you have a very large tank. Both chameleons and geckos serve as excellent pets, but they don’t get along.

You can house a gecko with its own species or with other species, like a frog. It is better if you raise a chameleon in one enclosure and a gecko in another.

If you are a beginner and willing to have a lizard for a pet, a gecko is the better choice. Geckos are easy to take care of, but chameleons are not. If you are a chameleon lover, you should know that your pet doesn’t like roommates.

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