Chameleon’s ways of walking

Chameleon Walk

The chameleon’s walk is different than other animals because they move slowly with to and fro movements. Their style of movement looks jerky. This way of walking is not abnormal.  It is their natural style.

Why do chameleons walk to and fro and slow?

The chameleon’s way of walking is natural to and fro movement. The movement is just like ‘swaying.’ They walk as leaves move in a breeze. Most predators expect their prey to run away. But chameleons just move like ‘swaying.’ Because of this, they can confuse their predators with their movement. Their predators have difficulty seeing them. This kind of movement is not abnormal.

When they move onto your hand from their cage, they may go onto your hand with one leg at a time, which may take a long time. So, you should be cool until it comes and sits in your hand.

Are chameleons fast or slow?

Chameleons move very slowly with to and fro movement. Chameleons take one step at a time. They very rarely run.

Chameleon Fast Slow

Do chameleons always move slow?

Yes! Chameleons always move slow. Panther chameleons are the slowest walkers in the chameleon species.

Which animal walks fast between tortoise and chameleon?

Chameleons are the slower walkers. When compared to the tortoise, chameleons walk faster than the tortoise.

Do chameleons run away?

No! They do not run away because they do want to be chased by their predators. When chameleons move slowly, their predators will not chase them.

Can a chameleon run?

Yes! They can run but only do so when they are frightened; then, they try to move quickly as possible. But still, the chameleon runs much slower than other lizards. They run very rarely.

Chameleon Run

Chameleon’s struggle to walk or climb

When your chameleon struggles to walk or climb, that means they are suffering from MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). You need to increase the calcium and vitamin D3 levels in your chameleon’s food. Give some supplements of calcium and vitamin D3, provide proper UVB light.

Can a baby chameleon run?

Yes! Baby chameleons can run but not faster than adults. They run soon after hatching from the egg. Baby chameleons are scared of their predators. They run as fast as they are possible to hide from their predators.

Chameleon Baby Run

What do chameleons mostly walk on?

Chameleons are likely to walk on branches rather than the ground. Because they are arboreal reptiles, they love to climb branches instead of walking on the ground.

Chameleon Walk Branch

What does it mean when your chameleon spends more time on the ground than on the branches?

  • A Chameleon is looking for the perfect egg-laying space: Chameleons lay eggs inside the ground by digging it six inches to seven inches deep. So, they keep roaming on the ground.
  • Geophagia: This is the ingestion of soil. When they feel that the nutrients are less in their food, they will end up eating soil. Eating soil once or twice is not a problem. If your chameleon keeps on eating soil, you need to visit your vet. Also, if the soil contains pathogens or artificial fertilizers, they may face health issues, and you need to see your vet.
  • Medical issues: Chameleons may have medical issues like MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) and gout that causes them not to climb branches. In this case, you need to take them to your vet.
  • Your chameleon is searching for different plants: Your pet chameleon is not satisfied with the plants you have placed inside the cage. They expect the type of plants they need.
  • Finding their mate: Another reason for a chameleon to roam on the ground is if a male chameleon is trying to find a mate. They cross the ground during the mating season.

Do chameleons slip when they walk on narrow branches?

No! They do not slip as they are used to walking on branches because their toes are made with a tight grip which helps them to move on the branches.

Chameleon Slipping

Why don’t chameleons slip while they are walking on a branch?

The chameleons are the creatures having the grip for walking on the branch. When they slip while they are walking on the branches, they are losing the level of grip of their toes. This is because they are facing MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). That means they need calcium and vitamin D3.

Do chameleons run to catch their food?

A chameleon’s food is insects. If chameleons run fast, the insects may fly away. Chameleons don’t need to run fast while they are trying to catch their food.

Moreover, the chameleon’s walk speed is slower than the chameleon’s tongue stretching to catch their food. Chameleons are perfectly designed to catch insects as their walk is slow and their tongue is fast.

It is a really rare case for chameleons to run to catch their food.

Chameleon Eating

Final thoughts

The chameleon’s jerky walk is so funny that it makes you laugh. They walk this way to protect themselves from predators. If they are struggling to walk, then they have MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). If they have this disease, they may lose the ability to climb branches. So, keep your chameleons healthy enough to walk and climb.