Cost to maintain Gerbils

Gerbil Cost

Gerbils are animals that require a constant serving of their basic needs such as feeding, refreshing the water, large enough cage, cage accessories, and beddings. You also have to take them to their veterinarian whenever they get sick. Despite how that sounds, they are actually low-maintenance pets!

Cost of the Gerbil's accessories and maintenance

Accessories Cost
The gerbil $5 to $10
Food $50 to $100
Cage $50 to $60
Bedding $50-100 per year
Water Dispenser $5-$10
Brush $5-$15
Deodorizing spray or granules $20 per year
Sand $15
Dedicated trash can $20
Total setup cost $150-200
Total yearly cost $200-$500 per gerbil
Vet care $40 to $200

Where you can Buy Gerbils

The cost heavily depends on where you buy your gerbil. You have to choose where to buy and how to buy the gerbils wisely.


There are usually advertisements posted online for this, and you may purchase via contacting the seller. As easy as it sounds, it is actually hard to do since there may be confusion as to the set you want, including cages.

Pet store

Gerbils from pet stores cost around $5-50 per gerbil. The pet store will have gerbils that you can adapt easily. However, they will not provide you the cage and its accessories for free. You have to buy them.

Gerbil Pet Store


Buying gerbils from the breeder cost you more since the breeders are experts on gerbils. They cost between $10-100. You can buy healthy gerbils from most breeders, but do your best to choose the best one wherever you are. See to it that the gerbil’s environment is kept clean.

Check on the mother gerbils. If they are healthy and happy in a clean cage, you can buy the gerbils without any doubt. Refrain from purchasing gerbils from the dirty cages, ones that look sick or lethargic, or any breeders that don’t want to show you the gerbil’s facilities beforehand.


You can also buy the gerbils from the other owners who want to get rid of their gerbils. They sell their gerbils at a low cost. This may be because they lost interest in maintaining the gerbils, making them unhealthy. After buying from this kind of owner, the cost of maintenance will increase for you since the gerbils are sick.

Adoption shelter

The adoption of the gerbil costs about $5-10. The animal shelter will take the unwanted gerbils and try to rehome them. The shelters will have gerbils that you can adapt easily. Every adoption shelter will have different policies, but rest assured, the gerbils there are adaptable.

The adoption shelter will provide you the cage and its accessories for free, so you will be able to save money.

Gerbil Adoption

Cost of Gerbil according to breeds

There are more than 87 different known gerbils, but most are not used as pets. Only two types are:

Mongolian Gerbil

The Mongolian Gerbils are the most common species used as pets. They are mostly found in Mongolia and are even called desert rats. This species can live 3-5 years, maybe even 6, with proper care. They are really affordable, ranging from $5-15.  

Fat-Tailed Gerbil

The fat-tailed gerbils are the most common in Africa.  This species is a bit smaller than the Mongolian gerbils. They are also called the Duprasi Gerbil or Beer Mat Gerbil. They live around 5 to 7 years and grow up to a maximum length of 4 inches. These gerbils are rare when compared to Mongolian gerbils. They cost about $100.

Cage and its accessories

The cage plays an important role in the gerbil’s life. You have to provide them a large enough, clean cage. Their cage costs around $50 to $100.

The gerbils also require some accessories to satisfy them. They need a wheel to aid in exercise. Do bear in mind that gerbil wheels are different from hamster wheels, and you can’t use the other.

Keep their cage clean to ensure they stay healthy, and provide them with a water dispenser and bedding.

Toys for gerbils

Gerbils need something to constantly chew constantly. This is because your gerbil’s incisors do not stop growing, so they have to keep chewing to avoid their teeth overgrowing. If you let their teeth grow too much, they may develop health issues like weight loss due to lack of appetite.

You do not need to take them to their veterinarian for this; just make sure you maintain their toys. These toys may cost $20-50.

Gerbil Toys

Health Care Expense

Gerbils get sick when not take care of properly. They need minimal medical care. Simple sicknesses require mild treatment (basic medications). But when their health issues are serious, the check-up itself is already expensive. It may cost around $200 a year.

Cost of Vet care

Type of treatments Cost
Basic treatment $35 50 $40
Yearly check-ups(for young gerbils) $40
Yearly check-ups(for adult gerbils) $80
Parasites treatments $50
Emergency appointment $100
Medications $10 to $20
Scent gland removal $200


A check-up may cost around $4,  and you have to schedule a regular session once a year when they are young. For adult gerbils, twice a year. Photo 2 annual check-ups, you may have to spend about $80.  

If your gerbil needs serious surgery, prepare for approximately $200. If they need any medications for health issues, you need to spend $10-20.


They do not require any vaccinations, just regular health check-ups with their veterinarian.

Parasites treatments for Gerbil pets

The gerbils do not have any vaccinations, so they are prone to catch blood lice. These parasites attach through your gerbil’s blood, and can be transferred to the other gerbils from unsterilized beddings. Treatment will be available from their veterinarians and/or pet stores. This may cost nearly $50.

You do not need to give them treatment unless they are sick or have blood lice.

Food expense

Gerbils require a healthy diet to live a happy and healthy life. Provide fruits and vegetables that are suitable for them. You can also provide them pre-formulated gerbil foods which contain all the nutrients. These gerbil foods are more convenient. The food for your gerbils costs $50-100 per year.

Gerbil Foods

Minimizing the Food Expense

Pre-formulated gerbil food will cost $90-100. If you want your gerbil’s food to be cheaper, then provide them with natural foods like fruits and vegetables. These will provide your gerbil’s good calories but won’t necessarily provide all the nutrients they need.

Fruits and vegetables contain the nutritional needs of humans. Gerbils have different nutritional needs and can be acquired from pre-formulated gerbil food.

Final thoughts

If you decide to house gerbils, ensure you provide all their needs, from food to facilities. If their maintenance is more costly than the gerbils themselves, you have to rehome them. Only get them if you have the passion for nurturing them and giving them whatever they need. Neglect will not only cost you more but will make your pets suffer.