Do chameleons identify their owners?

Chameleon Identifying Their Owners

Chameleons are not social animals, and they do not have feelings for their owners like other pets have. The reason for this difference in attachment is that dogs and cats have been domesticated for 100,000 years. But, the reptiles like chameleons are domesticated for 30 to 40 years.

So, chameleons can experience only some type of emotion. But not as dogs and cats do. Chameleons can identify their owners at their age of one week. The owner identification depends on the chameleon species, the way you care for your pet chameleon.

How to make your pet chameleon identify you faster?

It is a big deal if your pet chameleon identifies you. You need to know some tricks to make them recognize you.

  • You need to avoid direct eye contact till they know you. If you make direct eye contact, your pet chameleon will think that you are getting ready to attack them and start to get scared of you.
  • Try to wear chameleon-friendly colors to attract them towards you. This is because the chameleons are the creatures that show up their mood by the colorations. So they assume you as the same as them. So, you need to wear colors like green, brown or khaki brown.
  • Leave them alone and give them some time to get adjusted for you.

What does pet chameleon do when they identify you?

If your pet chameleon identifies you, they will feel pleasure whenever you feed them. They will start to let you hold them. And they also begin to stretch out whenever you go near its enclosure.

Do chameleons like to be pets?

No, chameleons do not like to be pest.

Will pet chameleons trust their owners?

Yes, the pet chameleons will trust their owners. But they will take some time to trust their owners. It may take several days or weeks for a chameleon to trust you.

Can chameleons have feelings towards their owners

No, the chameleons cannot have feelings for their owners as their owners have feelings for them. All they will do is they can trust you, and they can certainly know that you are not a predator. This is the highest thing that they can have feelings on their owners.

Bonding with pet chameleon

You need to struggle to create a bond with your pet chameleon. Though you struggle a lot, they do not create much strong bond. Or they can not have many feelings on you as you have on them. They will just get adjusted to you.

If your pet chameleon need to have a bond with you, you need to

This will make your pet chameleon bond with you. This also makes your pet chameleon trust you.

Wait to hold your new chameleon

You must have some patience to wait to hold your new chameleon. They do not suddenly get adjusted to you. After they get bonding with you, they will let you hold them.

What happens if you hold your new pet chameleon forcefully?

If you hold your new pet chameleon forcefully, they think you are the threat, and you are trying to kill them. They may be scared of you, or they may get aggressive with you and try to attack you.

Why is my chameleon hiding during the day?

If your pet chameleon is hiding during the day it means, it just thinks that some threats are trying to attack them. So, to escape from that danger, they hide during the daytime.

Which chameleons build a friendship with their owners?

Chameleons are not social animals. They need some time to mingle with their owners. Here is the list of the top 5 chameleons according to their friendly nature that creates with their owners:

  • Panther Chameleon
  • Veiled Chameleon
  • Jackson’s Chameleon
  • Oustalet’s Chameleon
  • Rudis Chameleon