Do Guinea Pigs Stink and how to Bath them?

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Guinea pigs don’t produce any bad odor but if you fail to take care of them properly and if you don’t clean up their cages they may smell a little bit.

Why do Guinea Pigs stink?

It is often recognized by the owners that their guinea pigs smell musty but guinea pigs often clean themselves. The smell is due to their environment.

Guinea pig’s cage is their living room, bathroom, and sleeping area. Their cage is filled with hay, urine, and poops. Basically, they live in a litter box and we can’t blame your pets for the smell.

Due to these activities, their cage starts to smell and guinea pigs too pick up that smell. When we keep their cages clean and tidy their cage would be fresh and won’t develop any bad odor.

Do male Guinea pigs stink more than females?

Guinea pigs groom themself more often but it is also proven that male guinea pigs stink stronger than female guinea pigs because of the presence of a scent gland.

Male guinea pigs often mark their territory and show off to their mates using the secretion from the scent gland. If not cleaned the secretion will build up like wax and will produce a strong odor. If you often change their bedding and bath them regularly you can avoid this smell.

Grease gland/Scent gland

You can find the greasy area right above your guinea pig’s tail. Depending on how much greasy the area is you have to bathe your guinea pig. If there is no grease or only a small amount of grease then your guinea pig is good at the moment and doesn’t produce any odor.

It is not easy to remove the greasiness from the area using a normal guinea pig shampoo. You have to use some coconut oil or any natural degreasing neutral solution to get rid of the greasiness and rinse the area clean.

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How to avoid your Guinea pig being stinky?

No one likes a foul smell at their home and especially from their pet. If you want your guinea pig to be fresh it solely depends on how you clean their cage. at least clean their cage once a week and remove all their feces daily.

  • Change their bedding and spot clean their cage regularly. Your guinea pig will definitely have a particular area to use as a bathroom. Maybe you can spot clean that area alone daily. If so majority of the odor will be reduced from your house.
  • Though you spot clean it won’t be like deep cleaning the cage by using soaps and shampoos. So while sot cleaning itself you can use some cleaning spray and wipe that area using warm water.
  • You can even train your guinea pigs to use the litter boxes. This will reduce your time for spot cleaning by regularly changing the bedding in the litter box alone. Don’t use any cat litters as it is harmful to your guinea pig.
  • There are certain odor control beddings especially made for guinea pigs. You can use them in their cages but never place that bedding where you spot clean.
  • Regularly check your guinea pig’s grease gland and if there is a lot of secretion then give them a regular bath. This limits their gland secretion as well as the odor.
  • Sometimes whatever you do the odor will be there. At this time you have to definitely seek a vet because the smell may be due to some deficiencies/ infections in guinea pigs.
  • Definitely avoid foods that upset your pet’s stomach and cause bad stool. The foods that you should avoid giving more to your guinea pigs are broccoli, brussels sprouts, dairy products, avocado, and iceberg lettuce.
  • Trim your guinea pigs’ hair if they are long. Long fur may develop ticks and lice. The greasiness will be a lot stronger and will be hard to remove if your guinea pig has long fur. It is very necessary to bathe your guinea pigs to make them fresh and healthy.
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How often you should bathe your Guinea pig?

When your guinea pig produces some bad odor and when the greasy secretion is more above their tail then it is time for their bath. You should bathe them at least once a month. If you bathe them often then your pet’s skin will be dry and itchy.

Can I Use Dawn Dish Soap to Wash My Guinea Pig?

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you to use these soaps even few owners say it is okay to use. Remember these soaps have chemicals and ingredients that may harm your guinea pig’s skin.

Is It Okay To Wash Guinea Pigs With Human Shampoo?

NO! Never ever use any human shampoos and soaps on guinea pigs. Those soaps have more chemicals that will harm your guinea pig skin. It will cause high irritation and may lead to any other disorders.

What Soap Is Safe For Guinea Pigs?

Don’t blindly believe in a product and never use it on your guinea pig. Always consult your vet and ask about the recommended products. Even you can ask for recommendations about the cage disinfectants and some cage cleaners to use.

Can I Bathe My Guinea Pigs Without Shampoo?

Yes, You can bathe your guinea pig without using shampoo when they produce some bad odor or muddy by using warm water or by using damp clothes. You can even do this every week but anyway you have to provide them a proper bath once a month.

Dust bath for Guinea pigs

No, dust baths aren’t good for guinea pigs. It won’t make them clean or minimize their smell. It can cause respiratory problems them so dust baths aren’t a good option for guinea pigs.

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How To Bathe Your Guinea Pig

Bathing your guinea pigs for the first time is a tedious task. But once you get the knack of it you can do it easily.

First and Formost

Before taking your pet for a bath you have to make sure that you have all essential products required for the bath. They are,

  • Guinea-pig friendly Shampoo
  • Towels
  • Plastic container
  • Hairdryer

Steps to bath your Guinea pig

  • You have to place a towel in the plastic container and fill it with luke water. Your guinea pig should be able to stand in the container without having its face wet.
  • Your pet will be terrified if you directly place them in water. An hour before the bath start to play with them and cuddle them. Remove any big lump of dirt from their body using damp clothes. It will ease the bathing period.
  • Gently place them in the container. Give them some time to adjust to the water. You can also give them treats while bathing if it distracts them.
  • Use your hand and wet their hair with water on them but never wet your guinea pigs’ eyes and ears. Dilute the shampoo and gently use it on your pet by massaging them using your palms.
  • Never squeeze them, don’t do it in a rush take your time and gently scrub their coat. Once you are done using the shampoo use warm water to remove all the shampoo and a damp towel to rinse them off.
  • To dry them up you have to place your guinea pig on a towel, wrap them up and hold your guinea pig. Don’t rub your guinea pig instead dap them and use multiple towels until they dry up.
  • After that use a brush their hair and trim their nails also it is a good time to check any injuries in their body and act accordingly.

Final Thoughts

A bath for your pet Guinea Pigs will avoid the spread of any skin and bacterial infections. You have to be very careful when you are giving them a bath. You should handle them with care and shouldn’t rub them harshly.