Does chameleon poop stink?

Typically, the poops of all the living organisms poop stink. Some stink too much, but some skink less. But, chameleon poop stinks not too less, not too bad.

How should a chameleon’s healthy poop look?

The chameleon poop should not be much stinky, not even too less. The color will be the darkest brown. The dark color of the chameleon’s poop because it contains all the digestive waste. And it should be soft to touch. And the poop will be in a uniform shame. Sometimes, feeding soft worms may bring runny poop.

What does the unhealthy chameleon poop look like?

Very firstly, the poop stinks very bad. The poop contains undigested tiny bits of its intake. The poop will be runny even without feeding good soft worms.

What causes chameleons to have unhealthy poop?

The main reason for the unhealthy poop in the chameleons is parasites in them. These parasites will cause digestive system problems and destroy the chameleon’s essential needs inside the digestive system.

What is the solution for my chameleon’s unhealthy poop?

Parasite problem: Parasites live inside the intestine of the chameleons. Sometimes, it can be spread by other animals or feeders from an unreliable source. So, to check parasites, all you need to do is take the sample of the chameleon’s poop to a herpetological vet.

Dehydration problem: Dehydration is one of the common issues in a chameleon’s life. This can be easily solved by increasing the cage’s misting and showering the chameleon placing on the plant.

Why is my chameleon not pooping?

Chameleon not pooping for 10 to 15 days is not an issue. It is the standard timing of the chameleon pooping. But, if the chameleons are not pooping even once in more than 18 days is not common pooping.

Just mist a little more than usually your pet with warm water. Your pet starts to move a little. This makes the chameleon’s bowel movement, and the digestive system will get normal.

If this doesn’t work, that means some undigested food has been stuck inside the digestive system.

Not pooping may also be the reason for not eating, eating not enough variety of. This is not very common. So it is better to consult a nearby vet.

How long can a chameleon go without pooping?

After six months, chameleons start to grow slowly and do not consume their food much as earlier. This makes an adult chameleon not poop daily.

The adult chameleons can go two weeks without pooping. But baby chameleons will poop daily.