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Gerbil’s Tail

Mongolian Gerbil has long furry Tails. It is the common species found in all pet stores and people prefer Mongolian gerbils because of their furry tails. Gerbils use their tail for different reasons to protect themselves from predators.

Does their tail fall off?

Yes, the gerbil’s tip of the tail falls off for different reasons. The tail fall in Gerbils is called a Tail Slip. In the wild to escape from the predator when their tail is caught, they can easily slip the tail and run away from the predator. They have fooled their predator with their tail and by escaping.

Pet Gerbils usually slip their tails because of health issues or when you handle them by their tail. Gerbils just lose their skin but not the bone or muscle in the tail area. It will be very painful for your gerbil when they lose their tail and you have to immediately take them to the VET.

Never try to handle them using their TAIL!!

Fighting Gerbils

What to do when their Tail Falls?

Tail slip may be because of severe injury in the tail, improper diet, improper handling, or even when the tail is dry they fall off on its own. You have to put your gerbil in a clean tank and take your pet to the VET immediately.

The Vet will provide a pain killer and eventually, the uncovered parts of the tail will fall off and never grow back.

How to avoid loss of tail in Gerbils?

Gerbils use their tail to store fat and if their tail is even prone to the slightest roughness it will fall off. Never grab them using their tail instead pick them up by using your both hand in a cup shape.

Never grab them from behind and always handle them using two hands. Your right hand should be on top of your pet’s shoulder, and you’re underneath your pet. Never squeeze them. Provide support to their legs using your fingers. Never hold them vertically, and always place them close to your chest so that they feel secure and refrain from panicking.

Be extremely attentive when placing them back to their enclosure – they may jump off from your hands and injure themselves. If they are uncomfortable with you, they will struggle when you hold them. If this happens, just put them back down gently and try again tomorrow.

Whenever you are handling them, make sure the environment is quiet, and no one else is watching you.

Gerbils Play Fight

Why is my gerbils tail going bald?

Not only gerbil’s tail may become bald there is a lot of chance that some of their body parts may lose hair. Hair loss is mainly due to nutritional deficiencies and maybe because of other reasons such as fighting, chewing their own tail, or cage mates biting.

If you overcrowd the cage then there is a lot of possibility of getting wound as a result of fighting and Gerbils may lose their tail.

Why is my gerbil eating its tail?

Gerbils are very sensitive to pain their first action when they are in pain is to cut off the part that causes pain. Out of all the parts gerbil’s tail is very sensitive. It can’t even withstand if you handle them little rough. So whenever they get wound in their tail they won’t be able to bear the pain so they chew their tail and cut from their part.

How to Treat Tail slip in gerbils?

We can’t identify whether your gerbil’s tail is weak or not, without proper diagnosis. Every 6 months do a full checkup on your gerbils only then your vet will be able to provide proper medication.

There is only one treatment for tail slip, which is amputation. Your vet can perform this treatment. This Treatment doesn’t affect your Gerbil’s future behavior or anxiety levels.

As well as amputation, your gerbil may require antibiotics if your gerbil’s tail is infected. Your vet will amputate above any rotten and infected tail tissue. However, sepsis is still possible (infected blood).

After amputation, check that the wound remains uninfected by regularly cleaning it. Do so gently so that you don’t aggravate the area, and don’t pick at any scab or scar tissue. Then, allow your gerbil to heal gradually on its own.

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