Hearing Capability of Chameleon and Do they hiss?

When you look closely at the chameleon, you may conclude that chameleons are deaf because they don’t have external ears. Well, you are half right. Chameleons have the most inadequate hearing ability compared to the other lizards.

Can chameleon hear you?

Yes, chameleons can hear you if you speak at a specific frequency of 200-600 hertz. Suppose you love your pet, then you will know how to talk to them. We usually talk at the frequency of 500 hertz. In this case, your chameleon can hear some of the words that you say.

How do chameleons hear?

The membrane at the side of their head helps the chameleon to hear low-frequency sounds. They can’t hear higher pitches. The low tones vibrate the membrane and send signals to the auditory organ in the chameleon’s head.

This process helps them to hear. Like snakes, chameleons also don’t have an external ear, but their internal structure is well developed like the other lizards.

How do they communicate with other chameleons?

Chameleons express their emotions with the change in the color of their skin. They also make some low-frequency sound which is not audible to us. They communicate with other chameleons either by changing color or producing a sound that is audible to other chameleons.

How do they find food without hearing?

Though they have incredible eyes, they do have blind spots. They can’t see the insect if it is in the blind spot. So what will they do? They can hear the low tones. They can feel the vibrations in the air, like when the insect beats the feathers. By analyzing the vibrations, they can hunt the prey.

Do they like music?

It depends upon the personality of your chameleon. If the frequency of the music is between 200-600 hertz, they can hear music. Monitor them when you play music. If they get stress, then playing music is not a good idea.

Do they like sound?

Chameleons cannot hear noise or sound. For example, Consider the dog is 100 meters apart from the chameleon. When the dog barks at the chameleon, the chameleon will not get stressed or fear because they won’t hear the barking sound.

Even if the dog is nearer to the chameleon, the chameleon cannot attend to the sound. Instead, they can feel the vibration of the air produced by the barking of the dog. When they feel the beat, they get fear.

Do chameleons hiss?

Chameleons express their emotions by changing their colors. Another way they show their emotion is by making weird sounds like hissing.

When they are hissing, try not to handle them because they are either angry or stressed, and there is a chance that your chameleon may bite you.

Hissing is a way of expressing their mood. Below are the few reasons why chameleon hiss.

  • Stress
  • Feels threatened
  • Illness
  • When they see other chameleons

Do all types of chameleons hiss?

Yes, all types of chameleon hiss. The reason for the chameleon hiss is to warn other chameleons. Out of all the types, the veiled chameleons hiss often.

Do baby chameleons hiss at night?

Veiled Chameleons are the breed most frequently associated with hissing. When you disturb a baby chameleon by holding them or repeatedly touching them, they become stressed and hiss. Hissing is a signal of stress in young chameleons.

How to train your chameleon not to hiss

When the chameleons are happy and healthy, they don’t hiss. When they see any strangers near the cage, they will become aggressive and starts hissing. So don’t let any of your friends handle your chameleon.

When you handle them too many times a week, they become stressed due to their start to hiss.

Maintain the cage temperature and humidity levels because this is the most important thing for the chameleon to stay healthy and to maintain its appetite. If it is not supported, then they will hiss even at night.

Clean their cage daily and deep clean it once a month to avoid any kind of infection. Keep as many plants as you can in the cage. In this way, your chameleon feels safe.

Chameleon hisses when you wear a bright color dress

Sometimes chameleon hiss when you wear a bright color dress. This may be weird, yet it will also be a reason for your chameleon hissing because chameleons change to bright colors to threaten some other chameleon when someone enters their territory.

Hissing when taking pictures

Don’t take a picture of your chameleon with a flash on, or don’t take a photo close to them. Try to take a picture quite a distance from the cage by zooming since your dark-colored or bright-colored phone is a threat to them.

Which gender of chameleon hiss more often?

Male chameleons hiss more often than female chameleons. The female chameleons often hiss when they are pregnant and want to protect them from others.

It is normal behavior for all the reptiles to hiss, but when your pet reptiles, then the only thing you should do is to back off!