How do I know if my chameleon is happy/Angry?


All the beings on the earth will be happy if their health and surroundings are good. Chameleons are sensitive creatures that love their surroundings to be clean and healthy. And also, they are not socialistic reptiles.

They love to live a single life. Clean surroundings, a healthy diet, food, and single life make chameleons happy.

The chameleons can have a happy face.

What makes a chameleon happy?

  • The healthy surroundings make the chameleons happier.
  • We need to plant inside the cage. And maintain the plant well by watering and cleaning their leaves.
  • The surroundings must constantly be humidified by misting again and again.
  • The chameleon pet’s cage must be kept clean.
  • Shower them with lukewarm water.
  • Feed them with a portion of healthy diet food.
  • Provide them better shelter.
  • Provide them with enough UVB light.
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What color do chameleons turn when they are happy?

Chameleons change their skin color according to their mood. When they are happy, and relaxed chameleons will turn their skin color into bright green and blue.

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Clean cage of your chameleon pet

The clean cage and surroundings make the chameleons happy. They are sensitive animals, so their enclosure must be sanitized repeatedly to make their lives more comfortable.

What are the signs of a happy, healthy chameleon?

  • Clear eyes, which turn well.
  • Round and inflated eyes.
  • opened eyes
  • Eyes without liquid coming out.
  • Nose without liquid
  • Non-growth of weird.
  • Completely closed mouth.
  • All toes with nails (5 nails per foot)
  • Normally shaped feet.
  • Skin-free of old skin that looks like fresh skin.

What does chameleon do when they are happy?

They change their skin color. And keep on moving on the tree happily. If you provide any food for them, they will eat without any rejection.

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Chameleons are the creatures that get angrier when they feel uncomfortable. So, we have to find the reason behind its angriness and try to tame them off.

Why do your chameleon pet is getting angry?

When they feel irritated by their surroundings, like too hot or having trouble getting fresh air which could be a reason for respiratory infection, this makes chameleons uncomfortable and angry.

Chameleons are not socialistic animals. They like to live alone their life. If they find any other chameleon in its own territory, they will get angry. They feel that another chameleon is trying to conquer its place. This is the reason why chameleons get aggressive.

How to comfort an angry chameleon?

  • Provide a cool environment: Chameleons get irritated by hot surroundings. When they find a cool environment, they gradually calm down from being angry. So, keep on misting their cage often.
  • Provide fresh air: Chameleons are wild creatures that are used to getting natural fresh air. They feel irritated when their air is not fresh. So, try to provide the best ventilation cage so that they can get fresh air.
  • Let your chameleon be alone in the cage: Chameleons are creatures that love to live their life alone. They are not socialistic animals. They hate to live in a group. When they see another chameleon in their cage or territory, they get angry and start to fight each other. So, it is better to make them live alone in one cage.

Do chameleons change their skin color when they are angry?

Chameleons not only change their skin color according to their background color. But also change their skin color according to their mood.

When they get angry, They usually change their skin color into bright colors, dark colors like bright red, yellow, green, blue, or black. These are the colors that show a warning to other chameleons to back off. Weaker males will dim their skin colors first to show defeat.

What do chameleons do when they are angry?

Chameleons will do some activities when they are angry so that it is easy for the chameleon pet’s owner to know whether the pet is mad or not. So that he can handle his chameleon pet.

The chameleon hisses by puffing up and changes its skin color into yellow or black. Hissing is also one of the ways that a chameleon can show that it’s angry.

Will chameleons bite when they get angry?

Yes, they do bite when they get too much angry. Those bites might get painful, but it is not harmful to humans.

How do you know if your chameleon is depressed?

 They fall sick or their incorrect husbandry is seen if they are depressed.

Final thoughts

Unlike other animals, chameleons are happy only when they found clean surroundings, healthy food, and single life. As the chameleon’s owner, you must know what makes chameleons healthy and happy.