How long can a chameleon go without eating?

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Every creature needs food to eat, but every creature also has its limits and can bear hunger according to their species. Some can live one month or even longer than a month!

But chameleons can only go 1 week without any food. It is alright for chameleons when they do not eat for two days or for a week. They do not need to have regular daily food to be healthy. All they need is regular water to drink. If your chameleon is not eating for more than a week, they have a problem.

Chameleons can live for about two to three days without drinking water with misting. They need water at least once a day.

How long can a baby chameleon go without food?

Baby chameleons can go without food for two to three days. If they do not eat for more than three days, take them to your vet.

Why is your chameleon not eating properly?

There are some reasons why your chameleon pet is not eating their food.

  • They do not feel safe: the chameleons stare at the bug and shoot out their long tongue to catch that bug. If we keep on staring at them in this process of eating, they will feel unsafe and won’t eat.
  • Full stomach: when the chameleon is full, they stop eating until they feel hungry again.
  • Sickness: if your chameleon pet does not feel well, they will not eat. It may be because of infection or parasite overload. This sickness indicates lethargy and sunken eyes during the day. If this happens, you need to consult your vet.
  • They are about to give birth: female chameleons will not eat when they are about to lay eggs.
  • Traumatic past with the particular food item: when a chameleon is bitten by the insect, they refuse to eat those particular insects.
  • Insects that have sharp organs: chameleons do not eat insects that have sharp organs in their body because those organs may scratch the chameleon’s organs while eating.

What happens to chameleons who do not eat proper food?

Chameleons which do not take proper food may undergo the following problems:

  • Stunted growth: their growth may stop and they will look like a younger chameleon even when they are adults.
  • Tiredness: they feel tired all the time and are inactive.
  • Weak: they get weak gradually and feel unhealthy when they do not take a portion of their food.
  • Skinny: they look skinny and unattractive.
  • Loose skin: the skin will get loose and wrinkle.
  • Not growing: their growing chart will be inconsistent.
  • Pale skin: their skin will lose its attractive colors and turn pale.
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Can you force-feed your pet chameleon?

Yes! You can force-feed your chameleons. But it could harm your chameleon. They do not like force-feeding.

How to force-feed your chameleon

Force-feeding is not much good for chameleons, but if you need to, here’s how. First, hold their head gently that they cannot shake their head. When they open their mouth, without waiting even a second, gently put some killed insect over their tongue. Then they should swallow it.

This process is a bit difficult. Only experienced people should do force-feeding.

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How to fatten your chameleon

You can fatten your sunken chameleons by providing them Dubai roaches, banana roaches, grasshoppers, silkworms, hornworms, crickets, stick bugs, mantis, houseflies, blue bottles flies, and the occasional mealworm. But do not fatten them with fatty foods! These fatty foods will create fat on the organs of your chameleon and cause problems later.

Can you overfeed a chameleon?

Yes! You can overfeed your chameleons, but only after they have turned to 12 or 18 months. It is not healthy to overfeed a chameleon.

Will chameleons stop eating when their stomachs are full?

Yes, chameleons stop eating when their stomachs are full. Overeating is not a good aspect of a chameleon’s diet.

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Can chameleons become obese?

Yes, they do become obese if you feed them more and more. In particular, they may become obese from fatty food. This may lead to serious problems for your chameleons.

Does obesity cause problems?

It is really not a common thing to overfeed your chameleons. They may face the following problems when they become obese:

  • Overweight
  • Inactive and lazy
  • Health issues
  • Fatty liver
  • Shorter lifespan

How to overcome obesity in your chameleon

When your chameleon is obese, you need to put an extra effort to help them become fit. You need to:

  • Stop providing fatty food
  • Stop them from eating whatever they want
  • Do not provide them too much food
  • Stop force-feeding them

Can a chameleon go from skinny to obese?

Yes! Chameleons may go from skinny to obese if their diet is not proper.

Some people give fatty food when their chameleon pet is too skinny to help it become a healthier weight. But this is a dangerous thing to do. This is the reason why chameleons go from skinny to obese. Skinny and obese are both dangerous for a chameleon’s health.

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Final thoughts

Chameleons need a good healthy diet to be fit and feeling fine. Providing them more food or not providing the proper food can affect their lives. If you want your chameleon to be happy, provide them a portion of healthy and proper food, supplements, and enough water. They can be happy with this proper diet!