How long does it take for the chameleon to fully grow?

Every creature takes its own time and size to grow. It depends upon the kind of animals.

Chameleons keep on growing up to 12 to 18 months. But they get into adulthood in 6 to 8 months. In adulthood, they are possible to lay eggs. But it’s better not to breed until 16 to 18 months of chameleon pet’s age.

Even though they get into adulthood soon, they still keep on growing up to 12 to 18 months.

How fast do baby chameleons grow?

Baby chameleons grow too fast when compared to adult chameleons. If chameleon pet’s intake is healthy, they can grow one to two inches per month. The growth will be less when they reach 5 to 7 months old. At its three months old, they start to look colorful slightly.

What is the weight of the just-born baby chameleons?

The weight of just born chameleon is around 1 gram. They are not heavy-bodied reptiles.

What is the weight of the chameleons when they grow up?

The male adult chameleon pets grow up to 140 grams, and female chameleon pets grow up to 110 grams.

What is the size of the chameleons?

The size of the chameleon depends on their age. The just-born baby chameleons are about 2 inches. Let us see about their growth based on their age.

48 hours1 inches
2 weeks3 inches
1 month5 inches
3 months7 inches
8 months9 to 14 inches
12 months18 to 20 inches (male) 10 to 12 inches(female
18 months22 to 24 inches (male) 13 to 14 inches(female)

How to tell how old a veiled chameleon is?

Chameleons do not have any physical change after their 2 years of their growth. So we can not find out the age of the chameleons with their appearance after their 2 years.

Only the baby chameleons can be judge their age through their length. But adult chameleons can not be judged their age.

How to find is male/female chameleon?

If you need to find whether your chameleon is male or female, it is only possible through their length. The male chameleons will have longer than the female chameleons.

Why is my chameleon not growing properly?

This may be because the chameleon is not taking healthy food properly. They miss vitamins, lack of calcium in food, very small amount of food, these causes slow growth in the chameleon pet.

If this food habit continues, the chameleons may not show up to their normal growth even in adulthood. Their size is like baby chameleons and an unhealthy body.

Why do chameleons stunted growth?

The eggs which are not well nourished commonly have a problem of growth of the hatched chameleons.

Sometimes, parasites can slow down the growth. If you do not see any mass growth, it’s better to consult the local vet and make sure your pet test is done.

Why do chameleons shed during their growth?

When chameleons are young, they shed their skin to put up their rapid growth in body length. But the adult chameleon shed their skin to grow their mass of the body.

When do chameleons stop their growth?

Chameleons stop their growth in their 18 months to 24 months.