How often should we clean chameleon pet’s cage?

Cleaning the pet chameleon’s cage is really important and also easy to keep the cage looking spotless. Cleaning helps to prevent any hygiene-related problems from occurring.

There is no problem if you miss a day or two days to clean. But make sure you clean your pet’s cage well and good daily. Sometimes deep cleaning the cage once or twice a year is essential.

Can we use detergents to clean our chameleon pet’s cage?

Yes, we should use detergents to clean the cage as they keep hygiene and bacterias away from the chameleon pets. There are no special detergents to clean the cage. You can use any detergents which can remove stains.

Here are some tips for cleaning the pet’s cage through detergents:

  • Wipe down the surfaces of the cage using an antibacterial surface spray and a damp cloth.
  • Clean the walls and floor of the cage using warm water and soap.
  • Use a putty knife or scraper to remove them when you find tough spots, and make sure you have a thoroughly cleaned cage for your pet.
  • Use the toothbrush and soap to clean the corners of the areas of your chameleon’s cage.
  • Rinse all the items you’ve cleaned through any soap.
  • And finally, allow your chameleon pet’s cage to dry and then place your pet back in the cage.

How to clean a chameleon’s cage?

Cleaning your chameleon’s cage will not only keep them happy but also will help to prevent a variety of diseases. Clean chameleon’s cage weekly twice or thrice.

So, you need to follow steps to keep the chameleon’s cage clean.

  • Take out the chameleon from the cage
  • Remove and clean all the directions of the cage.
  • Remove the substrate and all the accessories.
  • Clean the surface of the cage.
  • Replace the substrate and the accessories.
  • Replace the chameleon.

What happens if we do not clean the chameleon’s cage?

Chameleons are creatures that always like to live in clean places. They will eat in one area of the cage and sleep in another area.

If the cage is not cleaned, the surrounding dirt will start to make your pet chameleon sick. Your pet will begin to get stressed if they find dirt everywhere in the cage.

How to clean plants inside your chameleon pet’s cage?

Here are some tips for cleaning the plants inside the chameleon’s cage:

  • Dip a separate sponge (which is only used to clean the leaves inside the pet’s cage) in soapy water and gently wipe all the leaves.
  • Clean the plants once or twice a week but make sure you clean them thoroughly.
  • Soak all the accessories and vines in soapy water weekly once.

What happens if you do not clean plants inside the cage of your chameleon pet?

The chameleons are the most sensitive creature, and it only likes to live in the cleaned place, and it only drinks clean, fresh rainwater. Chameleons lick the droplets of the leaves. Sometimes plants get bacteria and dust.

Those bacteria and dust will contaminate the droplets of the leaves. If chameleons drink those droplets, they will have chances of getting health problems. So, we need to clean the plants.

How to clean chameleon’s poop?

Cleaning the poop is the most important thing we have to do regularly. The basic one is to have a roll of paper towels by the cage. Whenever you see poop, you just pick it up.

There might be residue left behind, but the majority has been removed. The residue can be easily removed by simple soap and water, wipe with a Lysol wipe, or a disinfectant sprayed paper towel.

You should clean it as soon as you see it in the cage. But don’t worry if you don’t notice it right away and the poop has dried up. The dried poop will make it easier to clean.

Why should we clean chameleon’s poop?

A chameleon can eat its poop when they feel the nutrients from their food is insufficient. It is not a very good sign. This may trouble the digestive system of the chameleon pet.

If your pet eats their poop once or twice by accident is not much worse. But remember that if your pet eats their poop regularly is a deadly bad sign. So, make sure the poop of your pet is cleaned everywhere.