How to feed water to a chameleon?

The standard way to feed water to a chameleons

You are dripping water onto a leaf in front of the chameleon. You can also make them drink water from the spray bottle’s nozzle or the drips from the end of a large plastic syringe. You need to spend some time doing this.

You can provide water for your chameleon by misting the leaves in the terrarium with a plant mister. Do this around two times a day. If you don’t have enough time to do this regularly, you can buy a dripper.

What happens if my chameleons do not get enough water?

  • The very first thing that happens to the chameleon is their eyes seem shrunken, faded, or if the pupil appears cloudy.
  • The wrinkles are seen on the skin after a soft grab of your chameleon’s skin.
  • Your chameleon pets lose their skin color.
  • The color of the urine of your chameleon pet is always white if they have sufficient water. If the color of urine changes to orange, that is the sign of insufficient water intake.

How often do chameleons drink water?

Chameleons have to drink water at least once a day. But drinking water twice a day is better for them. This also depends on the climate where you live.

If it’s a warmer climate, the water you provide will dry out soon, possibly before your chameleon has even had a chance to drink it. So, you need to spray water more regularly on the leaves where your pet stays.

If it is a cooler climate, then not so much is required.

How long can chameleons survive without water?

A baby chameleon can not survive as long without food or water. But, adult chameleons could survive for 2 to 3 days without water. You must get some water into him at the very least!

What happens if you force your chameleon pet to drink water?

This may cause serious in your pet’s breathing system. You may get water in her lungs, which creates trouble in your pet’s breathing. So don’t ever try this on your chameleon pets.

Can chameleons drink tap water?

Personally, tap water is not recommended for drinking purposes for chameleon. When you can’t afford drinking water, you have to do a certain workaround to use tap water.

When can you use tap water as a drinking source?

It ultimately depends on your area’s water supply. The tap water composition differs from area to area because of different municipal water supplies. You have to test the water before giving it to your chameleon.

When the tap water’s PH level is between 6.5-8.5, there is a possibility of using tap water as a drinking source. You should test the water and find the chlorine content and for the bacteria.

After checking the water PH content and chemical content, you have to filter the water using any market filters.

Why should you not use tap water as a drinking source?

Few Municipalities treat the water with chemicals that do not affect anyone, but few treat carcinogenic chemicals that affect animals’ endocrine systems.

Does tap water cause any illnesses in chameleons?

Yes, frequent tap water use as the drinking source can cause edema and swelling of the chameleon body parts.

Distilled water is the closest source of rainwater which chameleon prefers. I highly recommend not to use tap water as a drinking source. Even if you have treated the water, there would still be a small number of chemicals that affect the Chameleons.

When you can’t afford the distilled water, you can use the tap water after testing and filtering it. But you should not use it for more than a day.