Keeping Iguanas with Other Animals

Two Iguanas

Iguanas are species that can only live with certain other animals.  They are sensitive creatures, but many owners feel they will be unhappy if they’re kept alone.  Unlike other species, iguanas are not social animals and often NEED to be kept alone to be happy and healthy.

Can two Iguanas be kept together?

Iguanas are not social animals.  Two male iguanas cannot live together as they will fight each other.  They can live with female iguanas, but they stress the females due to constantly wanting to breed with their cage partner.

Can two baby Iguanas live together?

Yes!  Baby iguanas can live together without fighting because they are not strong enough to fight.  When they reach one to 1.5 years of age (sexual maturity), they will need separate enclosures.

If you raise two small iguanas in the same enclosure, they will lay on top of each other as a symbol of dominance.  They compete for the higher basking spot so they can consume more light.  In this case, the iguana at the bottom will get stressed easily.

Multiple Baby Igusanas

Can baby Iguanas live together with their mother?

Iguanas do not exhibit parental behavior.  They lay eggs under the ground in holes.  Mother iguanas leave their eggs behind and do not care for their offspring.

Baby iguanas grow up without mothers.  Mother iguanas cannot live with their babies because they don’t care for their eggs or they’re young.

How do you keep two Iguanas in the same enclosure?

It is not a good idea to keep two iguanas in a single enclosure.  If you have to keep them in one enclosure, you’ll need to provide separate rooms, plants, and bowls.  You’ll also need to make sure they can’t see each other.  Iguanas who can see each other in the same enclosure will get stressed or aggressive.

Two Iguanas Single Enclosure

Can Iguanas live with chameleons?

No!  Chameleons and iguanas can never live in a single enclosure as they are not social animals.

Chameleons grow well when they live alone, and so do iguanas.  Iguanas will become aggressive when they look at other lizards and may attempt to kill your chameleon.

Can dogs and Iguanas live together?

No!  A dog’s behavior will irritate your iguana, or the dog will harm the iguana as dogs protect their territory.  In the case of adult iguanas, they have the ability to attack your dog, bite them, and scratch its skin.

Iguanas And Dogs

Can Iguanas and humans lose in the house?

No!  Iguanas do not normally stay with humans, but humans can provide them with a separate enclosure, either indoors or outdoors.  Even if they are friendly with humans, iguanas need to relax alone.  They will play for a period of time, but they cannot live in tandem with humans.

Which animals do iguanas like to live with?

Iguanas like to live with creatures smaller than they are, like parakeets, love birds, and cockatiels.  Medium-sized birds will not cause any problems for your iguana.  In fact, these birds cheer your iguana up, take naps with them, sing for them, and share their food.

Iguanas will relax with birds and live a happy life.

Iguanas And Birds

Final thoughts

Iguanas are non-social animals who like to live alone.  They can’t live with other lizards, including their own young ones, because they don’t exhibit parental behavior.  While they are friendly to humans, they can’t live loose in the house; they need a separate enclosure.  The animals iguanas like to live with are medium-sized birds, which will keep them company.