Make money by Breeding Chameleons

Chameleon Money

Yes, you can make money breeding chameleons. But, the method of breeding plays a vital role in selling the chameleons. You need to provide them solid husbandry, nutrition, and care well for chameleons.

Do you need a license to sell chameleons?

Yes, of course! You must and should need a license to sell the chameleons. If you sell chameleons without a license, it an offense.

How do you sell chameleons?

Selling chameleons is a business; you need passion to breed  chameleons. Printing pamphlets about your chameleon store and distributing them is the old way of business. It may take some time for buyers to know about your store with this method.

  • You can plan to sell through advertisements on social media. This can reach several people in your friend’s network.
  • Uploading in google about your chameleon pet store will make it much easier for buyers to find your chameleon store.
  • Partner with a local/ nearby vet.

Open a pet caretaker

This will probably make you money. A pet taker can be made for chameleons, and you can charge for the day. The caretaker will feed your pet, clean them. They will play with your pet and absorb the behavioral changes in them.

Chameleon Selling

How to make money from selling chameleons

No one will buy unhealthy chameleons. If you want to make money by selling chameleons, you need to breed them with healthy stuff like well husbandry, healthy diet food with nutrients.

You should know the different species of the chameleons and good knowledge of the chameleon’s behavior for their healthy life. If the chameleons are healthy, more buyers will demand to buy the pets from you.

Which chameleon brings you more profit?

You can make money from male chameleons of any breed because you need to care more for the female chameleons during pregnancy. Those chameleons lay eggs every three to six months, even without mating. You need to take extra care even during that time.

If you do not care for your female chameleon properly in pregnancy, they may face egg binding, which is life-threatening. Male chameleons are strong when compared to the female chameleons. So, male chameleons are more profitable than female chameleons.

Chameleon Profit

How is chameleon worth evaluated?

The chameleon’s cost will be depended on the following:

  • The species of the chameleon
  • The age of the chameleon
  • The place where you bought the chameleon
  • The gender of the chameleon

Price range to sell chameleons

You can raise the cost of chameleons depending on the age, species, and place where you sell the chameleons. There are three common species that buyers will demand. They are:

  • Panther chameleons
  • Jackson’s chameleons
  • Veiled chameleons 

Let us see the cost of some pet chameleons.

Cost of chameleons based on their size

Chameleon Species Chameleon Size Cost of Chameleon
Panther chameleon 16 – 22 inches $300
Veiled chameleon 10 – 22 inches $50+
Jackson’s chameleon 8 – 12 inches $35+
Dwarf Jackson’s chameleon 7 – 8 inches $75+
Ambilobe Panther chameleon 16 – 22 inches $300+
Four-Horned chameleon 10 – 14 inches $100+
Parson’s chameleon 16 – 28 inches $1,000+
Cuban False chameleon 6 – 7 inches $150
Pygmy chameleon 3 – 4 inches $50+
Bearded Pygmy chameleon 3 inches $50
Usambara Pitted Pygmy chameleon 3 inches $50
Carpet chameleon 7 – 8 inches $200+
Ambanja Panther Chameleon 16 – 22 inches $300+
Meller’s chameleon 20 inches $150+
Senegal chameleon 6 – 8 inches $30+
Fischer’s chameleon 8 – 15 inches $100+
Flap-Necked chameleon 8 – 12 inches $50

How much do baby chameleons sell for?

You can sell baby chameleons from $20 to $30. The rare translucent Veiled chameleons can be sold for $50.

Veiled Chameleon

How do you determine the price of the chameleons?

Selling chameleons is a business. The pricing of the chameleons should include the cost for its breeding and percentage over that for profit.

  • The cost for taking care of the chameleons mating until egg-laying. Each clutch should cost the price it took for its maintenance.
  • Caring for food, lighting, watering, kind of the cage you used, plant for the chameleon’s cage you used, all these can be included in the price because they are the main reason for the chameleon’s health.
  • A percentage of profit depends upon how you took care and how healthy the chameleon is.
  • Costs for raising up a clutch can also be included in their price.
  • Price the babies at a level that pays for their care and allows you to upgrade your facility.

Making money with the chameleon’s accessories

Yes, you can also make money apart from chameleons, but related to them. As usual,  chameleon buyers also search for its belongings like a cage, food, plants, etc. So, you can also sell their belongings.

Cost of Accessories of the Chameleons

Assets Cost
Enclosure $60 to $300
Lighting $115
Watering $8 to $130
Plants & Vines $120
Food $3 to $25
Live Food Enclosure $10 to $20
Digital Thermometer $8 to $30