Is Chameleon Bite Toxic?

Nothing is going to happen! A chameleon’s bite is not poisonous. But, the bite is a bit painful. They are too small to bite hard enough to cause damage.  Often,

How long does it take for the chameleon to fully grow?

Every creature takes its own time and size to grow. It depends upon the kind of animals. Chameleons keep on growing up to 12 to 18 months. But they get

Reasons why choosing a glass cage is a wrong decision for a chameleon

Glass is good at holding humidity and heat. You can create an environment inside a glass cage that is different than your ambient conditions. If you need your pet to be warm and

Does chameleon poop stink?

Typically, the poops of all the living organisms poop stink. Some stink too much, but some skink less. But, chameleon poop stinks not too less, not too bad. Table of

Supplements for chameleons

Wild chameleons get vitamins and calcium by eating snails, small lizards, and even small birds. These food sources are not available for pet chameleons. Pet chameleons often suffer from calcium

How to bury a dead Chameleon?

If you are reading this article, then you might have lost your pet chameleon. Sorry for your loss! Let me tell you how to bury your little friend. Table of

How to clean/bath chameleon?

Bathing our pets is essential but, bathing our chameleon pet is a little bit tough. Chameleons do not need any external bathing from humans. They’ve been figured out how to

How to feed water to a chameleon?

Table of Contents Show / Hide 1. The standard way to feed water to a chameleons2. What happens if my chameleons do not get enough water?3. How often do chameleons

How To Feed Solid Food To Chameleons

Pet Chameleons have to be taken care of in many ways. One of the most important things is food. Pet Chameleons often don’t get enough nutrients, so we have to

Hearing Capability of Chameleon and Do they hiss?

When you look closely at the chameleon, you may conclude that chameleons are deaf because they don’t have external ears. Well, you are half right. Chameleons have the most inadequate