taming Baby Gecko
Care Guide for Baby Geckos

The majority of people prefer purchasing baby geckos in contrast to adult geckos, and this is usually because they would want to raise them themselves, thus creating a bond. Baby

Iguana Mood
Knowing an Iguana’s Mood

Iguanas are sensitive creatures with their mood swings depending on their surroundings, which is to say that their activities also depend on their mood. But you should know how to

Gecko Diet (1)
Gecko’s Diet

Like most reptiles, geckos are predators that prefer to eat a variety of insects. Based on gecko species, their activity level, and their age, the insect type and quantity of

Black Spiny Tailed Geckos

Black spiny-tailed geckos are also called mastigures.  This species has the scientific name of Uromastyx.  Unlike other geckos, black spiny-tailed geckos are not ordinary pets.  They are a rare gecko

Two Iguanas
Keeping Iguanas with Other Animals

Iguanas are species that can only live with certain other animals.  They are sensitive creatures, but many owners feel they will be unhappy if they’re kept alone.  Unlike other species,

Iguana Drinking Water
What Fluids Can You Give to Iguanas?

Iguanas are creatures that need to be hydrated all the time.  If they don’t stay hydrated, they will have health issues.  So provide them water regularly.  Of course, iguanas will

Inuanas Summer Winter
Caring For Iguanas During Summer and Winter

Iguanas do not handle temperatures that are too hot or too cold.  They are very sensitive to variations in temperature.  Iguanas can only stay healthy if they have a constant

Iguana Bathing
Bathing Your Pet Iguana

Bathing your pet iguana is very important.  In the wild, iguanas spend time in lakes and other water bodies to keep themselves clean.  For pet iguanas, you will have to

Yellow Albino Python
Albino Ball Pythons as Pets

Albino Ball Pythons are one of the genetic morphs of the Ball Pythons. They are also majorly found and native to Central and West Africa. Albino Pythons are the most

Ball Python Pet
Ball Python’s Diet

You can feed your domesticated Ball Python with frozen mice.They don’t eat veggiesso don’t give them vegetables or fruits. They will always like all kinds of rodents. Ball pythons are