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Harmful foods for Geckos

Offering your gecko the wrong food could cause serious health problems. In general, do not feed your gecko plant-based food or insects caught in the wild, as they have negative

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What Fluid/ Water should I give to Gecko

Water is the single most important medium for sustaining life. Studies have shown that the percentage of total body water (TBW) is higher in reptiles (up to 75%) than in

Supplements For Geckos
Do Geckos get along with other Animals?

A usual desire of most pet owners is to keep a variety of animals as pets. But before enacting those desires as decisions, there is one general fact that you

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All about the Gecko cages

A basic requirement for keeping a pet gecko is a cage! Cages are referred to by different words by different people. Enclosure and terrarium are common among them. A perfect,

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Gecko Diseases and Supplements

The majority of the diseases that suffer geckos are due to improper care. To be healthy a gecko requires a clean enclosure, clean and fresh water, adequate supplements, healthy food,

taming Baby Gecko
Taming Geckos

Geckos are quite mild and calm when you handle them regularly. But after bringing home a new gecko will be nervous and restless. You will need to learn few tricks

Gecko Diet (1)
Force-feeding to Geckos

Table of Contents Show / Hide 1. My Gecko is NOT Eating!1.1. How Long Can A Gecko Live Without Eating1.2. Dehydration from food can be due to:1.3. How Often Should

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Can a gecko Recognize the name and Owner

Table of Contents Show / Hide 1. Gecko recognizing the owner2. Does a gecko affectionate3. Gaining the trust4. Building the bond5. Can Geckos feel the love 6. Gecko feel about

Gecko Shedding
Do Geckos Shed their skin

Geckos shed their skin throughout their entire lives. But, unlike mammals, reptiles shed their skin all at once and not continuously. If their diet and environment are right, usually geckos

Summer Winter Gecko
Caring for Geckos in Winter and Summer

Geckos require the proper temperature to digest the food and eliminate the waste regularly. Inadequate temperatures may cause impaction in the gecko may be impacted. In this period, the geckos