Chameleon Skin
Facts about Chameleon’s Skin

Chameleons are the only creatures on the planet that change their skin color.  They have special pigments contained in their skin and change color according to their mood and environment. 

Mating in Chameleons

Chameleons won’t allow any other chameleons to be in their territory. Particularly male chameleons start to change to bright colors and show their aggression towards the other chameleon. The chameleon

Noises that Chameleon make

Chameleons make five different types of sounds.  A few we may hear and few we may not. Hissing Hooting Popping, Wheezing, and Coughing noise Rustling noise Grinding the teeth Sighing

Chameleon Fall
How far can a Chameleon safely fall?

Chameleons don’t easily fall from branches because they have special grip pads on their toes.  But they do still fall occasionally.  There is a limit to the height from which

Chameleon Walk
Chameleon’s ways of walking

The chameleon’s walk is different than other animals because they move slowly with to and fro movements. Their style of movement looks jerky. This way of walking is not abnormal. 

Chameleon Money
Make money by Breeding Chameleons

Yes, you can make money breeding chameleons. But, the method of breeding plays a vital role in selling the chameleons. You need to provide them solid husbandry, nutrition, and care

Veiled Chameleon as Pets

Veiled chameleons are not that aggressive, and they easily adapt to new environments. Their life span is not only longer than other chameleons; it is the longest of all. If

Chameleon Cold
How do you tell if your chameleon is cold?

Reptiles, like chameleons, are cold-blooded animals. They are also known as ectothermic. Being ectothermic means that the animals do not maintain their body temperature. To increase their body temperature, they

Traveling With Your Chameleon on Planes

Traveling with your pet chameleon is not an easy task. Chameleons are challenging to take care of under normal circumstances, and traveling with them by car or plane causes an

Amazing facts about chameleons

The chameleon is one of earth’s amazing creatures. They are totally different from other animals, and there are a lot of interesting facts about them. Table of Contents Show /