Reasons why choosing a glass cage is a wrong decision for a chameleon

Glass is good at holding humidity and heat. You can create an environment inside a glass cage that is different than your ambient conditions. If you need your pet to be warm and humid but live in the cold, a glass terrarium is the best suited.

But, a glass cage is the wrong decision when we choose it for chameleons.

What injuries do chameleons face in glass cages?

The chameleons are more aggressive animals. They love to be alone. When we make these pets live in the glass, the chameleon’s reflection in the glass makes your pet think as there is another chameleon.

And also finds out the matching its aggressive displays. This makes chameleons get more aggressive and start to hit the glass. After hitting the glass, your chameleon may suffer from body pain and also with severe injury. This may cause death in some cases.

Chameleons catch food by stretching out their long tongues forcefully at flies. As the glass is hard and transparent, the chameleon will think the space is empty when it tries to catch the fly perched on the glass. This may cause damage to your chameleon’s tongue. 

How does the glass cage affect ventilation?

Chameleons are creatures that live in an open nature that provides UV light, fresh air, and fresh raindrop. Glass is solid and does not allow fresh air. It allows only stagnant air, which leads to respiratory diseases in chameleons more than anything else.

The glass enclosure traps air and may recycle stale air to your chameleon. This condition may lead to the death of your chameleon.

Humidity in chameleon’s glass cage

No! The glass enclosures are difficult to drain.

Chameleons have to be kept in the humidity. To maintain the humidity, we need to spray water. As we keep on spraying water several times, the glass cage stores the water. This may cause to have micro-organisms that harm the chameleons.

Even though you spray moisture into the chameleon’s cage regularly, it could turn the chameleon’s cage into a sauna instead of cooling it off. This may cause stress to the chameleons.

Glass is a bad radiator of heat

When a chameleon is shedding, it needs less heat and moisture because its skin tends to dry and flake. At this time, glass makes a very terrible radiator of heat. It can make your chameleon stressed and miserable.

Glass is breakable

Glass is brittle and a little bit hard to handle. If you make any mistake in handling, the cage may cause to fall and break. Therefore you have to be careful about how people approach your terrarium.