Tame Iguana


The iguanas are reptiles that are having the mood swings. That may be happy, sad, depressed, fearful, aggressive or etc. You should tame them when their mood is out. Iguanas will get nervous when they see the new surroundings. But taming the iguanas take some time.  When they feel comfortable, you will be their best friend and easy to handle.

Are Iguanas Good Pets?

Yes, iguanas can make good pets, but only if they are cared for very well. Caring for them is a difficult task. You need to provide them the special requirements. You also need to do the following activities:

  • Communicate with your iguana pets gently daily. Make it as a routine.
  • Try to approach your iguana in every of its tough situation.  
  • You need to be patient and gentle to make your iguana to like you. It takes time to this process. You need to know how to tame them.
  • Pet them softly, after sometime, just let them free to play themselves.

How to Tame an Aggressive Iguana

Yes, iguanas are aggressive, especially when they do not feel they are comfortable with their food, enclosure, with their owners, and/or with other iguanas.


Signs of aggression

  • Iguana try to whip you from their tail.
  • Head bobs
  • Tail twitching

Do Iguanas Hiss?

Yes! The hissing is made by making their mouths open widely. The hissing signals aggression or serves as a warning or defensive posture.

Taming the Aggressive Iguana

Taming your aggressive iguana is about technique. Place your hand inside the cage and try to approach your iguana pet by touching the sides of their body. If the iguanas make any aggressive posture, just slightly and gently back away and try to speak with them in a soft voice.

Be Patient and Predictable

You need to be patient and give your iguana time to settle with their new environment. They also need to be adjusted to the new owner and daily routine, among others. If you try to force them, they may get aggressive with you and refuse to be tamed.

Interact with Your Iguana

Make a daily routine of interacting with your iguana. You need to keep your iguana in a place where it can see you approaching it.

Call them by their names while interacting with them. You need to spend some time with them in any situation so you can tame them easily. Remember that if a bond is formed, they will only stick to you, and not to your friends or other family members.

Make Sure Your Iguana Feels that You are a Guardian

The taming should be a good balance of not pushing too hard and showing your iguana that you are a guardian. You need make sure that you are not stressing your iguana. If your iguana becomes aggressive, put them down immediately.

Constantly monitor your iguana. If it is in trouble, hungry, or sad, you need to dedicate care to ensure they do not feel that way.

Pet Iguana

Gentle Handling of Iguanas

Handling your iguana creates a strong bond between you and them.  You need to handle it gently for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Place your hand inside your cage and try to approach your iguana by touching its sides.

If your iguana makes any aggressive posture, slightly step back and try to speak with it with a soft voice. The more your iguana grows accustomed to this approach, the easier it will be to tame them. As their owner, it is your responsibility to know how to calm them when they feel agitated or scared.


When you bring your iguana to your home for the first time, they do not exhibit friendly moods. This is because they are scared of the new environment; they need time to settle down in it, so you need to interact with them and pet them whenever they are in the mood for it.

Pet your iguana until it becomes calm. After calming, you need to put them down. Taming iguanas require that your iguana trusts you in these early stages. It takes time to develop this, but the more you reassure their trust and believe you, the easier it will be to tame them.


Calming your iguana requires a lot of effort; you have to try all the ways you can to calm them, especially preventing from making loud noises, avoiding making sudden movements, and always trying to pick them up when you are near and they are aware of your presence.

Hand Feeding

You need to hand-feed your iguana to assure safety. When your iguana has adjusted to you, it will eat even if they are not in the mood to. It will take time to get your pet to accept the food from you.


Make them feel that they are free. You need to add some plants inside their enclosure, add a lot of branches so they can climb to their heart’s content. Ensure their enclosure is big enough and make sure your iguana is not getting hurt or trapped inside the room.


You need to handle your pet daily just for few minutes. Persistence and repetition are the keys to taming an iguana. All it takes is regular handling, hand feeding, petting, some freedom, and time.

Final Thoughts

Taming your iguanas is not an easy job. You need prior general knowledge and plenty of patience for them to develop trust in you – but that is the only time it will be possible to tame them. You also need to know how to handle them, how to give them a soft cuddle, and how to give them some time to get adjusted to their new surroundings.