What Fluids Do I Give To a Chameleon?

We should know about a chameleon’s intake of fluids to build a sound drinking system for chameleons.

A chameleon stays healthy when the PH value in their drinking water is between 6.5 and 8.5. You can use a filter for tap water to removes any chemicals that might harm your chameleon.

How Much Water Do Chameleons Drink?

Chameleons drink water to quench their thirst. Some chameleons drink more water, and some drink less. The amount depends on the region where they live.

The Panther Chameleon will drink more water than a Veiled Chameleon. The discrepancy is because Panther Chameleons live in a region with a higher amount of rainfall, whereas Veiled Chameleons live in dry parts of the Arabian peninsula.

If chameleons don’t drink enough water, serious problems will result from dehydration. If chameleons become dehydrated, it is difficult to bring them back to a healthy state.

How Do You Provide Water for Chameleons?

For chameleons to stay hydrated, provide water in a form closest to that of their natural habitat.  Methods to maintain chameleon hydration can include the following:

Hand Misting – Spray your chameleon’s enclosure with water from a handheld spray bottle.

Dripper – Drippers can be made easily from a plastic cup filled with water, with a tiny hole in the bottom for water to drip out. This dripper is then placed on top of the enclosure.

Hamster Bottle –This can be attached to the side of your chameleon’s enclosure. The chameleon drinks water by licking drops of water from the hamster bottle.

Ice Cubes – This is the same concept as the dripper, but instead of a cup, we leave ice cubes to melt on the enclosure’s roof. After thawing, water doesn’t drip continuously but splashes down at random intervals and makes the enclosure wet. This is not an ideal solution; ss quite often, the chameleon will not drink the water.

Auto Mister – An auto mister is a pump and reservoir set with two nozzles that are fixed on the side or roof of the enclosure. All you need to do is fill the reservoir with water, set the timer, and leave it. It creates a fine mist and soaks the enclosure.

Can Chameleons Drink Tap Water?

Research says chameleons can drink tap water, but this is dependant on the kind of water you have. Some chameleon owners suggest being on the safe side by feeding chameleons with distilled water. This is for two reasons: 

  • Distilled water is nearest to the rainwater chameleons drink in their natural habitat.
  • Tap water sometimes contains chemicals that can harm the endocrine systems of animals.

Most research says that when chameleons drink tap water, they show signs of edema and swelling, which negatively affects the animal’s kidneys or liver. Some chameleons, however, do just fine drinking tap water with no adverse effects.

Can Chameleons Drink Water From a Bowl?

Chameleons don’t drink water from a bowl or dish. They do not consider a dish or a bowl a water source. They will get dehydrated if you put water in a bowl.

How Do Chameleons Drink Water naturally?

Chameleons drink water droplets off plant leaves after heavy rainfalls.  If that is unavailable, they drink dewdrops. If the leaves in their enclosure are always covered in water droplets, a chameleon will not become dehydrated.

What are the ways to feed water to chameleons ?

  • Dripping water onto a leaf in front of the chameleon.
  • You can also make them drink water from the nozzle of the spray bottle or the drips from the end of a large plastic syringe. You need to spend some time doing this.
  • You can provide water for your chameleon by misting the leaves in the terrarium with a plant mister. Do this around two times a day. If you don’t have enough time to do this regularly, you can buy a dripper.

What happens if my chameleons do not get enough water?

  • The very first thing that happens to the chameleon is their eyes seem shrunken, shriveled, or the pupil seems cloudy.
  • The wrinkles are seen on the skin after a soft grab of your chameleon’s skin.
  • Your chameleon pets lose their skin color.
  • The color of the urine of your chameleon pet is always white if they are having sufficient water. If the color of urine changes to orange, that is the sign of insufficient water intake.

How often do chameleons drink water?

Chameleons have to drink water at least once a day. But drinking water twice a day is better for them. This also depends on the climate where you live.

If it’s a warmer climate, the water you provide will dry out soon, possibly before your chameleon has even had a chance to drink it. so, you need to spray water more regularly on the leaves where your pet stays.

If it is a cooler climate then not so much required.

How long can chameleons survive without water?

A baby chameleon can not survive without food or water even a single day. But, adult chameleons could survive for 2 to 3 days without water. You must get some water into him at the very least!

What happens if you force your chameleon pet to drink water?

This may cause serious in your pet’s breathing system. You may find water in your pet’s lungs which creates trouble to breathe. So don’t ever try this on your chameleon pets.

Can chameleons drink hot water?

No, chameleons do not drink hot water as they are cold-blooded. So use room temperature water to feed your chameleons, and they like it fine. They will sit under the water frequently with no problems.

Can chameleons drink water from a waterfall?

No, they don’t drink water from the waterfall. A waterfall is unnatural to a chameleon pet. They drink water when it rains, or collect dew off leaves in the morning or when we use dripping, spraying to the chameleon enclosure’s leaves.

Why does your chameleon pet is not drinking water?

Your chameleon does not drink enough water because it does not recognize to a natural way of drinking water. Though you offer water, the chameleon does not go near it or does not know how to drink from it, it won’t drink and get dehydrated.

So make sure your chameleons can recognize the natural way to drink water for their hydrated body.

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