Which Soil is better for the chameleon Terrarium?

The chameleons need soil to dig and lay their eggs to protect their eggs from threats. If you do not place the sand inside the cage you miss the signs of impending egglaying then your chameleon could die eggbound.

If you use sand or soil or any other substrate and it may cause impaction and your chameleon will end up with a death.

What soil is safe for chameleons?

Placing your pet chameleons in the well-drained organic potting soil is the safest soil. They may not cause impaction for your chameleon pet.

Which soil is dangerous for chameleon plants?

The loam soil that is organic miracle grow is a bad choice for chameleon pet plants because loam soil holds too much water. This soil also makes it easier for gnats/flies to live and reproduce in your chameleon pet’s plant pot.

What is the need of the soil to the chameleon?

A good soil substrate is a great way to absorb that moisture and reduces the need to install a drainage system.

Why is my chameleon eating soil?

When your chameleon pets find fewer minerals and vitamins, they end up eating the soil or dirt. When your chameleon pet eats soil rarely is not a problem. It is a common thing where every chameleon does.

But you have to worry when your chameleon pet uses to eat more and more soil regularly. You need to take your chameleon pet to your vet.

What soil do chameleons use?

  • Moisture earthy soil: Most of the chameleon species in Madagascar live in rainforests with moisture earthy soils.
  • A mixture of sand and soil: Some chameleon species also occur in dry forests. Those forests usually contain more of a sand and soil mixture as their soil.
  • Clay sand: Only spiny forests, have very few chameleon species live, have a lump of clay, sand, or clay sand mixture soil.

How should be a chameleon pet’s substrate made of soil?

The best substrate for Chameleon that is made of soil should be toxic-free and resistant to mold in high humidity environments.

What happens if you use sand as the substrate for your chameleon pet?

Most of the chameleon pets are tree dwelling species in forests. So sand is not the natural substrate for chameleon pets. They may cause the following problems:

  • Sometimes chameleons may eat dirt. But when they eat soil, the soil may cause more harm which leads to the risk of impaction.
  • When chameleon pets eat more and more soil is a bad symbol that may lead to death. So, it is better not to use sand as the substrate.
  • When you use sand as the substrate, that is very difficult to clean the cage of your chameleon pet.

Is coconut fiber safe for chameleons instead of soil for their bedding?

Yes! Coconut fiber is one of the cleanest and safest beddings for almost all pets. It also has the properties of cleansing and it is natural bedding.

What bedding is best for chameleons?

The best bedding for your chameleon pet is a flat newspaper. They are just cheap, recyclable, and are easily disposable.

What are materials should be avoided for beddings for your chameleon pets?

All you need to do is to avoid the following materials for beddings of your chameleon pet

Beddings made with small particles like:

  • Sand beddings
  • Kitty litter beddings
  • Cedar beddings
  • Gravel beddings
  • Corn cob bedding
  • Beddings that would hold excess moisture.

These beddings are not healthy for a chameleon pet.

Final thoughts

The chameleons are liked to have the natural way of their substrate. So you need to have enough knowledge of their lives.