Why do chameleons have spikes?

Not particularly social animals, males usually have horns and spikes, while females don’t have spikes.

Spikes are not only a formation on the body, but  are also used when a male chameleon has to protect his territory from another male chameleon.  Some of the spikes will help them mingle with their environment.

Is it normal for pet chameleons to lose their spikes?

Yes, it is normal for chameleons to lose their spikes. Their spikes will shed.  Rarely, they might lose one if they rub their spikes on something, but they just do not fall off for no reason.

What is the result when a chameleon loses their spikes?

The resulst from a chameleon losing their spikes include:

  • They will shed their skin.
  • A crack is seen in the place where the chameleon lost its spike.
  • After it closes its spikes, you will notice that the rest of the chameleon’s spikes, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, are clumping together.
  • This is kind of like peeling off a scab.

Do baby chameleons lose their spikes?

No, baby chameleons do not have spikes. When they grow, they will get spikes.

How do you stop a chameleon from losing its spikes?

It is quite common for pet chameleons to lose their spikes. All you can do is to protect them using the following tips:

  • Misting the cage frequently enough.
  • Turning on your fogger more often can help your chameleon.
  • With correct humidity, your chameleon should be able to shed its skin without help.
  • If you notice white, flaky pieces of shed skin that are stuck, soften the skin by misting or showering; you need to wipe it off with some moist cotton swab pieces.

Do chameleons bleed after shedding spikes?

When these spikes are pinched gently, there is no blood flow. Eventually, the spikes will just fall off. So, you cannot see any bleeding after the spikes fall from the chameleons body.

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Which chameleons have spikes?

All the male chameleons have sharp spikes. The male Jackson chameleon has both sharp spikes and horns.

But female chameleons do not contain any sharp spikes. They just have mild spikes. And the female Jackson chameleons do not have horns but they have mild spikes.