Why is my chameleon pale?

Chameleons will change their colors according to their background color, their mood, or illness. But when a chameleon turns pale, you should pay attention. The two main reasons why your chameleon pet is getting the pale are,

  • Your chameleon is not getting proper UVB light.
  • Your chameleon has a lack of calcium.

It is quite common for chameleons to get pale and dim their color, and it is not a big deal to overcome this.

What is the result of a lack of UVB light?

UVB light produces vitamin D3 for chameleons. Vitamin D3 helps them to absorb the calcium from their pet food.

If your chameleon pet is not getting proper UVB light, it may undergo Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). If this goes on longer, your chameleon will end up with severe deformation and eventual death.

How long can a chameleon go without a UVB light?

The chameleons can go two weeks without UVB light. After two weeks, the chameleon’s body starts to show the earliest symptoms of paleness and MBD.

Vitamin D3 supplements instead of UVB light for chameleons

You cannot provide vitamin D3 supplements for your chameleon pets instead of UVB light for quick treatment. This is because certain animals seem to need vitamin D3 from the UVB light itself rather than from the vitamin D3 supplements.

If your chameleon pet is not getting sufficient vitamin D3 from the UVB light, they are not going to have a healthy life, even if you provide the vitamin D3 supplements to them.

If your chameleon is not satisfied with the UVB light that you are providing or it continues to become pale, that means you are not supplying your chameleon pet with proper UVB light. Look up more ways to provide them sufficient UVB light.

What is the natural way of providing UVB lights instead of electrical UVB lights?

If you are keeping your chameleon outdoors, providing many hours of sunlight, you do not need to provide them with any UVB light. Chameleons can absorb the UVB light from the sun. It is a natural source of UVB light!

What will be the result of the lack of calcium in your chameleon pet?

Too little calcium in your chameleon’s food may also cause Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). This disease is most commonly seen in young chameleons rather than in adult chameleons because young chameleons require more calcium to grow.

When calcium is too low in your chameleon’s food, its body tries to compensate by taking calcium from wherever it is possible. More precisely, the body tries to absorb the calcium from bones. This makes your chameleon weak and can lead to bone fractures from walking.

The very low calcium level in your chameleon pet also leads to muscle contraction and blood clotting. This is because the chameleon’s body is absorbing calcium all over the body.

How long can a chameleon go without calcium?

A chameleon can go 10 to 12 days without calcium. After that, the chameleon’s body will start to show the first stage of symptoms caused by calcium deficiency.

Quick supplements for insufficient calcium

You can always use fruit-flavored Tums (which are just calcium carbonate) crushed to a powder in an emergency. You can also get some foods that are naturally higher in calcium, like phoenix worms or calci worms, to feed your chameleon pet. But remember, never feed your chameleon all the time.

How should you stop your chameleon pet from getting pale?

  • A balanced diet in calcium and other nutrients which chameleons require.
  • Proper overall care, which is more than providing the right diet.
  • Exposure to UVB invisible light rays.
  • Proper light and heat gradients.
  • Adequate enclosure.

Final thoughts

If you want your chameleon to be bright and colorful, you need to keep them healthy by maintaining them according to their likes and dislikes, behavior, and natural environment. This helps your chameleon to have a long and happy life!